Seeking Happiness?


“The foolish man seeks happiness in the distance;
the wise grows it under his feet.” – James Oppenheim

Are you running around wishing for happiness?  Are you thinking that if you just had more money, better health, a spouse, better grades, a bigger house, a better job or (you fill in the blank) you would be happy?  Well fear not gentle humans, the happiness you seek is right here under your feet!  Yes, you have it within you now.  There’s no need to seek for it outside of yourself.  It is within YOU that your happiness resides.  It is YOU who holds the key.  You are the gardener of your own special brand of happiness and fulfillment.  It is here and now in the Presents of Presence!

Take a moment today to be grateful for the happiness that you hold and know that you are standing with it now.  All the potential for all that you feel you lack is right here waiting for you to awaken from your slumber and to rejoice in the knowledge that your happiness is within you.

Count your blessings and they multiply.  Give of yourself and you expand happiness.  Hold sacred your gratitude for what is and what was and what will be.  Treat yourself and others with kindness and love.  Share.  Connect.  Allow anger to dissipate and move forward in your day with forgiveness.  Be strong, be gentle, be you.

And happiness will flow into your life easily without barriers

for YOU have lifted the dam of doubt which prevented the flow in your life.

Shine On!


17 thoughts on “Seeking Happiness?

  1. So much love for you! You are loved and cherished by so many. Baby steps at times are best . We miss you and hope to see you soon. Love the Ferguson family xoxoxoxo

  2. What a lovely lovely post! 🙂 I have always believed that we should give what we want to someone else ❤ ❤ ❤ when we do that it has a tendency of always coming back to us 🙂

  3. Yvonne for me I thinks its about letting things go and being grateful for the little things in life. Recently my daughter was meant to go to camp, unfortunately I could not let her go due to her asthma flaring up. We were told there would be no refund and it was a decent amount of money. Here is where you make a choice….you can be angry and let it fester and poison you, or you simply let it go. My daughter felt bad and I told her that the money will return to us in a different way and that I still would not have sent her if I knew we could not get a refund due to the unpredictably of asthma. Kath.

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