Take the First Step


“The first step towards getting somewhere

is to decide that you are not going to stay

where you are.” – Unknown

I always think of Monday being the beginning of the week.  I know it’s not how the US calendar is set up, but it is always how I’ve felt.  Perhaps it is my faith ~ ‘For in six days the LORD made the heavens and the earth, the sea, and all that is in them, but he rested on the seventh day. Therefore the LORD blessed the Sabbath day and made it holy.’ ~ Exodus 20:11  Or perhaps it is from living in Europe that I have adopted this thought process.  Either way, for me, Monday heralds a new week ahead for me and I delight in the newness and possibility that shines.

Staying in place and not growing where you are planted is hard to do.  Blooming where we are planted is what we are supposed to do, but what happens when the bloom falls off the rose?  What happens when where we are isn’t allowing growth?  Recognizing this is step one.  Taking baby steps when you know you need to grow is step two.

But taking the leap of faith that acknowledges that where you are is not where you need to be can be a struggle.  There is a numbness in staying where you are comfortable and not reaching out towards the light of growth.  There is a stillness here which once we acclimate to, makes it harder to move on and think about what excites us and what makes us grow as a person.  There are levels to which we grow accustomed and many times we fight the growth which leads us to higher understanding as an individual.

It is exhausting to walk untethered when we have been partnered for a long time.  It is confusing as well until we acknowledge that we are not in a good place anymore.  It serves us not to fight the tides of change.  I am a planner and it is hard to simply stand still and be while changes swirl around me.  But it also gives me time to think, to reach down into my psyche and reconnect with the gal I know inside.  That is growth while standing still.  I may be in the same place, but I am changing within, adjusting to circumstances of which I have no control.  I can only control myself and I choose to do so with kindness, love, respect and affection.  For I am still me and it is who I am innately that I bring to the forefront in my life.  It is the survivor in me, the one who peeks out from behind those proverbial rose-colored glasses and actually sees the situation at large and who has decided not to fight the tide, but instead, to go with the flow for my own sake as well as the sakes of others involved in my life story.

I admit it is innate for me to look to the sunshine, the dawn and the dusk for tranquility.  I am the one who searches the sky for the rainbow after the thunderous storms.  I hold dearly the love in my heart and freely shine my self-knowledge on those whose hearts are open, willing and able to accept me.  I knock tentatively on the closed doors even when I know a heart beats on the other side, too still to accept more than a crack of light.  It is ok.  I am patient and I know what others do not.  I sense sadness and defeat behind the closed door.  I sense the lock and key there.  I have been behind the closed door myself.  Only the key-keeper can open it when ready.  It takes time.  It takes patience and understanding.  It takes a village and sometimes, the key never turns in the lock.  That is a choice.

But I am beginning to walk on the path alone, surrounded by love, light and tendrils of friendship which support me.  Unafraid, I do not seek shelter, but instead, I take baby steps into the sunshine.  All that is required is baby steps of growth without time limits, without restraint.  I settle my feet on the path before me and listen to the crunch of the fallen leaves of hopes and dreams past.  Head held high, I step forward knowing that as the seasons change, so must I and I welcome my loving being into the sunshine.

Shine On!


P.S.  Thanks HAngel for the photo. ♥



33 thoughts on “Take the First Step

  1. So much to think upon in this post. I just went for a walk last evening, know that one last area of my life needs changing, yet I don’t see clearly how. So I walk the steps that I can, with Faith that somehow the way will be made for me to see. Great post and I really do thank you. Love, Amy

  2. Yvonne, A wonderfully thought-provoking post.
    I, just now, have witnessed on TV a wonderful example of release from the sometimes confines of change. A disabled U.S. soldier, who is paralyzed, doned an outfit called an “External Skeleton.” Resaearch has produced this apparatus that can allow the paralyzed to walk. It acctually walks for him. The smile on his face expresses a dream he would have never thought would become true again; yet has. It is to be used in VA hospitals, primarily for now.
    God, through his gift of science and the men and women who understand its workings, has provided the means for this brave man to take his fist step. Far beyond this wonderful event, God provides the courage, confidence and strength, through His all encompassing love, so we too can “take our first step” as circumstances may demand.

  3. Great post Thankyou Yvonne. When things are going well, we feel like we are leaping but challenges always require inward thinking, stillness and baby steps, and this is where all our wisdom is found. Keep stepping out, we love you!

  4. What a timely post as I struggle with an old issue and lament on why I get sucked backwards into it. Thank you for the visual of that “door”. I have no power to open, close, or unlock the door no matter my wish. The door has a will of its own, and it is time to walk away. Walking away towards a light and freedom.

  5. I love this post, you describe so beautifully about your growth 🙂 I especially like the last part when you talk about how you now walk in light and love, that made me happy to read 🙂
    But I was wondering….what is the first day of the week in US ? Ive always thought it was Monday everywhere….

  6. This post offered so much that I don’t really know where to start, the beginning sounds good. I loved the quote and will have to keep it. Changes are often difficult but necessary to continue taking in life force. At 61, I made big changes. I was debilitated by an illness that pointed out where changes needed to occur. I stepped out into the vast unknown leaving all security behind. I couldn’t work so I had to trust that all would be well. I have not been let down. My life gets better and better as I trust more and more. I feel guided and protected as well as infinitely loved. We are never really alone anyway. Thank you for sharing your story with us. It helps to know others have not only survived but excelled. My words are failing me once again. 🙂

  7. You are an amazing soul with such strength! I know these are hard times…but through the adversity you heart will grow even larger!! I had hoped to maybe see you but the week was jam packed…but know that I will always feel our special connection and I am always but a call…text…post…away!! ❤ ❤

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