Live and Let Live


“You gotta live and let live.” ~ My Granddaddy

My Mom told me this quote today that her Daddy used to say.  He owned a general store in a small college town in South Carolina when she was growing up.  Many times he came home with something other than money for the items he sold at the store.  Her mama would get a few chickens instead of money to feed 9 children, but she always made due.  She never argued with him because he lived by his philosophy above and she was able to get eggs and eventually a chicken dinner out of the payment rendered.

I think it’s a good reminder to us all.  Not just in the bartering sense of business, but in life as well.  We cannot control others with whom we have a relationship.  When one person decides to change their way of life, we have to roll with what is happening.  That’s not to say be a doormat or allow any abuse.  But what it means is that you cannot hold someone else back from what they want in their lives.

And that is not easy to do sometimes.  It is a progression.  It is a moment by moment respectful decision to allow another person the freedom to live their own life as they choose for we cannot choose it for them.  We need to concentrate on our own lives and live the best we can with what we have.  Be truthful, be fair, be kind, be respectful but the ultimate decision is only for us to decide in our own lives and not in someone else’s life no matter the relationship.

Time and time again, I have had to learn this lesson of releasing and allowing even when I thought that the person was making a mistake.  To be fair, I have had to love others from afar, be there for them when needed, but not interfere unless I thought it was a life threatening situation.  We are all our own life keepers and we are responsible for our own decisions, actions and words.  We are responsible for our own relationships as well.  Yes, I am ‘my brother’s keeper’ but I am also my own life keeper.

As parents, we are responsible for our children.  As time goes on, we may also become responsible for our parents which can be tricky.  I’ve learned there’s never a good time for change and that life is all about changes, twists and turns in our journey towards death.  We can only be the best person we can be at any given moment and hold fast to our own faith, hope, love and in turn, give out what we give ourselves.  Nurturing myself and others with kindness and respect for their decisions is the only way I know how to survive and it is a daily choice for me to continue as I am.

I’m just me and it doesn’t serve me to lash out in anger and resentment for life choices that are not my own.  So I continue treading on my peaceful path, knowing that this is a growth period for us all.  That I must ‘live and let live’ so that I can find the love and happiness I deserve and allow others to do the same.

Perhaps you have had similar experiences in your life.  Please share what has worked for you in case it is helpful to me or anyone else in this situation.  We are all connected.  We help each other grow and learn and see life as a journey filled with love and light.  I send you blessings and love today and always.

Shine On!



19 thoughts on “Live and Let Live

  1. 🙂 I love this post, cause it seems I am always on the receiving end of this, lots of people judging my life choices and push me into doing something else, sometimes do they get angry and say mean things to try to change me. I get hurt by this, but I cannot do what they say cause I am made such that I have to follow my heart. But I wish lots of people would feel like you are saying in your post, that everyone should be allowed to make their own life choices and not be judged for them. 🙂 Thank you for this post! 🙂

  2. The first thing I though of when I read this was all the people bashing those who describe their cancer diagnosis as a “gift”. Countless blog posts and articles have been written to explain why these person’s feelings are “wrong”. What difference does it make to anyone else how someone chooses to view their journey and live their life? All that negative energy thrown at someone who is actually happy! I don’t understand it.

    You’re right…when you can honor their choice, it’s a very liberating feeling.

    I LOVE your paragraph about parents…we can only be the best person we can be at any given moment…YES!

    • Thank you Susan! I agree that we all have to live and let live ~ allow others to choose how they view their own lives and not judge how they are feeling in that particular moment. I have felt that the experience of enduring breast cancer has given me gifts of inner strength and knowing that I may not have had if it weren’t for the diagnosis and subsequent years of survival. But I would not have chosen to learn those lessons that way. However, I am happy that I have found inner peace and learned how to live in the presents of presence by that twist in my life. ♥♥♥ Just as you have! xo And I hope to show others that this journey is a growing experience filled with many twists and turns to help us become stronger and to find peace within to shine our heartlights more clearly and brightly.

  3. Amen and amen! I agree with you 100%. The only one we can be in control of is ourselves. We can pray for others but it’s ultimately up to the Lord to make changes when and where He sees fit. We can keep encouraging them and planting seeds that the Lord can nurture into being, but we can’t force nor should we force anyone else to make changes. Great post!
    Hugs and blessings, Natalie 🙂 ❤

  4. So true, so true. Great in theory but hard for many to put into practice. There are so many examples I could write on for days. My last husband was a pack rat and his first wife a hoarder. My mother told me to make him get rid of his junk. I had to repeat many times that it was his stuff, not mine and he would let it go when he was ready. We went after his home with a vengeance to make it habitable and safe, and eventually, he let go of more and more. You can’t force things on someone. You can set an example and hope they follow. My sister is equally as critical and judgmental. I keep reminding her that the criticism only alienates. We are all different for a reason. I get to write the script of my life, no one else does.

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