Feeling Defeated?


“Being defeated is often temporary,

giving up makes it permanent.”

– Marilyn von Savant

I have had many challenges in my life as have we all.  Few of us here on Earth have remained unscathed by disappointments and moments of feeling defeated in one way or another.  So it comes as no surprise that we need to find a way through the sadness and often raw painful feelings of defeat.  Sometimes, try as we might to not quit, situations are out of our control and we are powerless to stop the journey.  It is then, at that precise moment, when we need to decide our fate.  It is in our hands, this is our life and we ultimately remain in control.  It remains our choice in how we deal with whatever ‘it’ is in our lives that is not working as we wish.

But to give up, to quit, to not work at what ‘it’ is to improve the situation, that makes it permanent.  I am not a quitter.  No matter what life has thrown at me, I have gotten up and gone on, many times taking baby steps in the process for I had no other way.  But it is innate in me ~ to see the sunshine through the rain and to look for the rainbow through the clouds.  I know not where my strength comes from, but it is within me ~ as real as my eyes are blue.  I cannot be anyone but me and you cannot be anyone but you.

Sure we can change when ‘it’ arrives whether stealthily on little cat feet or as thunderously striking lightning.  It is a choice to fall to pieces and pick them up or to remain broken permanently in defeat.  What I have learned is this is YOUR LIFE to choose as you wish and you must continue to change and evolve as life goes on.  We grow through our defeats, we gain perspective, strength and peace by enduring ‘it’ and I believe that is the journey of life.

Continuing on with peace, love and happiness in our hearts not only heals ourselves, but others as well.  It does not serve us to remain angry and resentful when we endure ‘it’ and remain defeated.  It locks up the heart and soul which simply want to shine.  I know it is hard when we feel defeated.  Many times, through breast cancer, through relationships and through disappointments and family troubles, I have know defeat.  But I know that this too shall pass.  Life will go on and I plan on being there every baby step of the way.

So if you are feeling defeated, take a moment to assess ‘it’ and find the gift in the defeat.  Growth, strength and love come from ‘it’ and you will find that what you endure now will give you gifts you couldn’t possibly imagine in the future.  Let’s connect, hearts and hands as we baby step on this path ~ hold each other up with respectful kindness and loving hearts.

Love is an ability that needs practice.  Self-love is the key and you hold that special key right now.  Isn’t it time to unlock your heart and soul and live again?

Shine On!


42 thoughts on “Feeling Defeated?

  1. This is beautifully written. “What you endure now will give you gifts you couldn’t possibly imagine in the future.” I love that, as well as what I have told myself many times: this too shall pass.

    Jennifer xo

      • Yvonne, I have a couple of issues that have been with me for quite a while that “haven’t passed” as of yet, but I’m like you: forever optimistic that either they will resolve at some point or I will continue to learn to accept and live with. People like you give me the inspiration to keep going with hope. ❤

      • Jennifer, I humbly thank you for your kindness truly. I’ve learned to let go as well and ‘go with the flow’ when needed for the journey of life is simply that ~ a journey with twists and turns that encourage our growth, our expansion and our strength to shine and to continue to connect with ourselves and others. For that special gift, I can find gratitude in ‘it’ when needed. ♥ Sending you super special hugs today and always. Keep shining your loving light on us all.

  2. I love the quote you said – “it is innate in me ~ to see the sunshine through the rain and to look for the rainbow through the clouds”. As always, your words inspire me.

  3. My self-Love has told me to go to Singapore to seek joy and spend some time with my lovely big brother, and that is what I will do!! 🙂 May we all listen to our hearts and to what they tell us to do, our hearts are mostly right! 🙂 🙂 I am praying for you and sending you much much Love!! 🙂 ❤ ❤ ❤

    • Thank you for visiting, for sharing the blog post and for understanding. I love to learn about other blogs and read posts that others feel are important and you are so right! My heartfelt gratitude to you! ♥ May you continue to find peace, love and harmony in your life ~ in whatever direction life takes you!

  4. Excellent post, Yvonne. I believe it addresses the challenges in any life. And all can take something positive from it.
    I see these challenges or trials as a conflict in which we must battle. As in any battle there comes a time, as you indicate, when things may not be going well. That is the time to step away from the fray, assess the situation, and get a second wind. Then refreshed and with this new plan in hand, get back at it until resolved.
    As for me, all being done knowing that someone greater than me or my trial is there to strengthen me.

  5. Sometimes facing the challenges of a life threatening conditions, quitting isn’t an option. But, trying to cram so much into living can be overwhelming. But I keep exploring, learning, and moving. Thank you so much for serving as one of my inspirers.

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