Who’s Writing Your Life Story?


“When writing the story of your life,

don’t let anyone else hold the pen.” ~ Unknown

You are the author of your own life story.  It is YOU who holds the pen and the key and the power of choice.  For all of those who feel helpless (and I’ve been there) and unable to move forward to do what you want, to get what you deserve and to find peace and happiness in your life ~ now’s your chance to take back your power of the pen in your own life.

When I say, ‘take back your power,’ I am not meaning it in a bad way or a way in which you hurt others around you.  Oh no, far from that.  What I mean is that you take back the power of making your own good choices,  owning your inner strength, doing/being what increases your happiness, facing your responsibility to yourself and to others for whom you are responsible and for simply, lovingly picking up the pen to write your own life story.

You are not a prisoner in this life, but you can very well be your own jailer.

Too often we allow others the power in our lives; we let them make the decisions for how we will live.  Sometimes it’s out of fear or laziness, but carelessly tossing the power of living your life to the best of your ability is a mistake.  However, it is a mistake for which there’s an eraser that can change what happens from this moment forward.  You must be courageous though, you may not act with fear in your heart.  Instead be fearless, be loving, be kind, walk with truth, honesty and integrity.  See your world spherically and not linearly.  Look around at all you can be grateful for and then bless those gifts.  You have the presents of presence today and always.  Now let’s plan a life that you enjoy living.

What makes you happy?  What makes you sad?  What do you wish you could do?  What are your dreams?  What do you not want in your life?  What do you want more of and less of in your amazing life?  These are questions that take time to answer and you need to allow that time to let those questions sink into your mind and body.  Let them settle in a bit and find peace before answering.  Then allow your pen to write the answers down without questioning, without monitoring, without judging.  Let a free flowing pen ink your dreams and desires.  Whatever you see and want, you can achieve if you believe.

So believe that this is your special life.  Don’t throw your power away!  Use it, pick up your pen and write your best life’s story because you can!  This is your life my dears!  Go enjoy it!

Shine On!


37 thoughts on “Who’s Writing Your Life Story?

  1. “You are not a prisoner in this life, but you can very well be your own jailer.” I love this phrase… I read this morning a post about life (on a blog I love) maybe you’ll be interested in reading it. Karen’s story is very touching and she was able not to be prisoner of her pain, but was clever enough to let her pain widen her heart… I admire her as I admire you 🙂
    Have a nice week Yvonne! ♥

  2. LOVE this post, especially since this is precisely what I’m trying to do–write a memoir. You have given me some of the encouragement I need this morning.

    I’ve missed you while I was gone all summer. We finally got our wifi connected 4 days ago. Hope you are well, my friend.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. Very timely to find this particular post today on a new blog for me. My home screen has a photo of feet walking a beach and the saying “You have the power to say this is not how my story will end”. I get to re-write my life story anytime I choose. That’s what I’ve been doing. No poor,poor me. Just what a ride and where is the next twist and turn. I’m trying to write my story in a positive way with all the wonderful lessons and experiences I’ve had. Illness is a great teacher. Ready to learn without it though.:)

  4. An inspiring and motivating post Thankyou! it is exactly what we need to read before we start any project or difficult challenge. You only know how to write this because you have practiced it and you show great strength.

  5. Wow what a wise, profound, and empowering post! I’d fight anyone who tried to take the pen from my hand these days. When you’ve lived as long as I have, I can’t imagine anyone who would not want to hang on to the pen and what they have to impart in this world. Thanks for sharing and reminding me that this is my life story and mine alone. Hugs, N 🙂 ❤

  6. Profound post, thank you. Our life stories are written and we alone can edit, re-write and start again…we write our own stories, every moment, of every day. Hugs x

  7. Thank you, as always, for your uplifting message.. Through Self-Awareness, Self-Love and Self Acceptance, I am now empowered to create and define my life story as I live it day-in and day-out.

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