Parental Love


  “We never know the love of a parent until we become parents ourselves.”
19th Century Minister, Henry Ward Beecher

School has begun here now for a few weeks and everyone is starting to settle in to the new routines of getting up early, having homework and we are happily back into sports.  I always look forward to September as for me, it’s a new beginning.  There’s nothing like crisp fall days that invigorate mind, body and soul.  At least for me ~ how do you feel about the seasons?  Do you have a favorite?  Could it be Fall?

I am happy to say that both of my parents were alive when I had children and as mine have grown, I have been able to appreciate many aspects of my parents that I had not been able to understand while I was growing up.  Perhaps it is a blessing to learn this while I am still a parent and I still have one living.

Parenting isn’t an easy job, but it is a fulfilling one and one that encompasses our entire lives.  I am a Mom first and foremost and it has been the happiest ‘job’ I’ve ever known.  Sure, it is not a 9-5pm job (but then most are not anyway), but it has given me such great joy and wonder and gratitude to parent my children.  What blessings they are in my life!  They bring such love, enthusiasm and learning to me and I hope and pray they feel the same way.

I loved the quote above, so as always, I had to share it with you.  I hope that as you go about your day today, you are inspired to find  gratitude and love when you think about your own parents and your own children (if you have any).  Life is not always easy, but we have the choice to look at the good and raise our faces to the sunshine.  Hug your children and your parents when you can.  Life is short and we only have this precious day to enjoy!

May you have the most beautiful day today and always.

Shine On!


19 thoughts on “Parental Love

  1. ♡♡♡ i send lots of love.. ♡
    (I finished typing my book for self publishing…i practiced with your helped and I think it turned out good..needs editing..Thank you. My cards I was working on disappeared..but I like what I ended up with. I will share with you. I have two sets at the other place ) Take care!

  2. I needed this post…not from the perspective of being a parent…but rather that of the child. I am on my way back to my Mom’s after shopping for her…we had a trying day…life is handing her some challenges which become challenges for me. She is very stressed…which creates oh so much stress in me!! After reading this…I will go back…walk in the door and just hug her…hold her as long as she needs to be held…and tell her there isn’t anything we can’t handle!!! Much love to you great friend! ❤

  3. Great reminder! I am at the point where I have become the parent to my parent. It’s not an easy task but I’m grateful for the chance to return the love 🙂

  4. I may add for those of us who do not have children that you can also experience the joy of parenting in other ways. Caring for an elder, a pet, fostering a child, and caring for the community all have the same feeling and emotion. It is the practice of opening our hearts fully, allowing all to enter, good and bad, still seeing the inner beauty. Nurturing caring and loving. By the way Autumn is awesome.

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