It’s Fate


“Until you make the unconscious conscious,

it will direct your life

and you will call it fate.”

~ Carl Jung

I have a friend who is studying to be a hypnotherapist.  I’ve never known anyone who is a hypnotherapist, nor have I gone to see one.  It’s been interesting to me as she has hours and hours of classes and is learning so much new information which just boggles my own mind.  When she shares an interesting tidbit she learns from her class, many times I’m simply speechless for it takes me a few minutes to wrap my thoughts around what she’s just learned.  Of course, she probably simplifies it for me which makes it easier for me to digest.  But all in all, I think that our minds are so very powerful and at work in our lives 24/7 to degrees we laypeople have never even imagined.

So when this quote popped up in my life today, I knew I had to share it.  For how many times have you just decided ‘it was fate’ that you met your loved one at the grocery store, or ‘fate’ that brought you and a friend somewhere at the same time, or ‘fate’ that you and your first boyfriend found each other again on Facebook?

Fate Fate Fate

(said like Marsha Marsha Marsha ~ from The Brady Bunch)

So…today I’m asking you…

Do you believe in fate?

Have you ever seen a hypnotherapist or know someone who has?

What do you think of Carl Jung’s quote?

I’m eager to learn more so please share with me!

Shine On!


41 thoughts on “It’s Fate

  1. Jung was such a great psychanalyst, for he was aware of the importance of spirituality, much more than Freud… great quote. We don’t have to systematically consider fate… as fate, in many way, we’ve chosen it…

  2. Great post today!!! I took an e-course this summer on self-hypnosis. It was interesting…I definitely had some very deep meditative states where I learned a tid – bit or two. I hope I will have more time to explore it…and I would love to go to a hypnotherapist. There is a famous doctor in Miami who does past life regression….maybe one day!! 🙂 ❤

  3. There seems to be some “constants” in my life, yet even with those, it the choices I make that makes all the difference. Thank you again, Yvonne, for another Divinely Inspirational post. Love, Amy

  4. This, for me anyway, is a toughy. A big toughy. I find that when something terrible happens, not of our doing or in our control, we don’t call it fate. Do we call it bad luck? Ask ‘why us’? Or perhaps even believe it’s bad karma? Maybe, but rarely do I think when bad things happen we call it or believe it is fate. Except….I mean EXCEPT…when good things happen BECAUSE of bad things. Then, we see the whole thing in a different light and believe it’s fate. One overly simplified example… I got cancer (bad luck) but in the course of treatment I made connections with the most wonderful, supportive, positive people that I feel I’ve known all my life. Would I have met them otherwise? Good question, but likely not. So…cancer as the path to lifelong relationships = fate? Shrugging shoulders. When good things happen, as in the situations you mentioned, it’s much easier to see it and believe it is fate. This could be a very long conversation…lol, so I’ll just leave it there. It’s a tough question, but a very interesting one. xoxo

  5. I kind of jumped into this.. So what I have is a sense of how the inner and outer are connected. I find peace in this… in how my inner experience is reflected in the outer.. That’s why I find so much comfort in being with what is right here. And why I write such short little posts. ❤ It's kind of beyond words..what I found. Yet it was enough to drop the eating disorder really fast after many years of struggling. I do have a degree in psychology, but I learned so much more after college when I went this other direct experience route.
    ❤ L

  6. If you were to stand over an ant and watch him move about. You, from your perspective, will see that he’s heading for a dead end. The ant, however, doesn’t have the advantage of your perspective. He can only see what lies ahead from ground level. So you, by observing his decisions, will see whether he will meet his goal or may have to try again. Either way actions have consequences.

    What you are exhibiting is fore-knowlege. You see the ant’s choice and know what the result will be before he does. When we meet with our dead ends or obstacles it is by our choices that they come to be. And there is One who sees our end before we do. And again, by our doing not His.

    We can alter the ant’s course by putting our finger in his way and directing him to a successful end, but that would kind of disrupt the rules of his existance. Trial and error.

    Likewise, God could do the same with us, yet that would infringe upon his own gift of free will.

    We as all things, governed by natural law, have been given a gift from God – a road map. The ant uses his by instinct, we by reason.


  7. As an ENTJ I really enjoy Jungian theory, and I had a neighbor who was a Jungian psycologist. Her specialty was advising executives on their talent pool, and placing those executives in their proper roles. You’d be surprised how many accountants should be in sales, and visa-versa. I’ve not met a hypnotherapist yet. The mind is a powerful tool, and unfortunately most of us miss using all the features.

  8. Hi Misifusa…I have never seen a hypnotherapist, but agree that our psyches are working 24/7! I love the quote by Jung. I learned in my years of therapy that my unconscious was ruling my life. Until I worked through my ‘baggage’ and understood why I was making the decisions I was, I would be doomed to continue doing so. (ie: picking very dysfunctional workplaces and friends) I thought all employers and friends were the same. Nope! Once I figured out what I was doing to perpetuate these relationships, things started to change. Healthier workplace and healthier friendships.

  9. I love that quote and have learned to trust that little voice inside there somewhere that is calm and focused and lets my path unfold. I am more conscious now of how uncanny life can be. We all have a journey and a mission to carry out on this earth, Im learning everyday to let things flow.

  10. I have been to a hypnotherapist many years ago, I’m not sure if it had helped me much, but at this stage of my life I think I what I find very helpful is discovering my own “un/consciousness” – if that makes any sense at all 🙂 Loved you post as always, Yvonne ❤

  11. Here are my 3 thoughts Yvonne
    I love Carl Jung’s quote.
    I had hypnosis for giving up smoking. It really helped to counter the urge!
    There is more that we don’t know in this world that what we do know. Its only our thinking that makes us believe we know a lot 😉
    Val x

  12. Stephen Hawking has a well-known quote on faith:
    “I have noticed that even those who assert that everything is predestined and that we can change nothing about it still look both ways before they cross the street”
    Our lives are in our hands, and we, both consciously and subconsciously, change its course every day. In the end, it might still add up to something like a grand plan.

  13. An interesting study/career.
    I’ve never known one. I did see one many years ago perform at a local community college. My youngest brother & I went as something fun to do. I volunteered him to go on stage & he got picked. But – he was a no go. He got sent back to his spot in the audience for lack of something or another. We had a great time.

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