Thank a Teacher


Take the time to thank a teacher today…

In honor of the first day of school, I want to thank all of the teachers that I had in school and all of the teachers in my life.  Being that I was a teacher at one point in my life, I always get nostalgic this time of year.  For me, the first week of school was always my very favorite as it was so full of promise, of possibility and of incredible enthusiasm (at least on my part).  A clean slate, a new beginning, a fresh start and a new year awaited every September for me and in turn, for my students.

I always began the day telling them about myself.  I also confided that every year, I gave an A to every student in my class.  So at that very moment, each of them had a 100 average in my class.  That was my present to them for showing up on the first day of school.  Many times, I’d have students’ comment that they’d never had an A before and that’s when I would begin my life lesson for the year.

I’d tell them that I believed in each and every one of them.  That this was their year!  I would only know what they did in my class so if they were ‘troublemakers’ and I’d always use the word in a dramatic stage whisper, then this was their chance to shine because I didn’t have troublemakers.  I only had great kids.  I promised them that if they behaved in my class, I would sing their praises to anyone who ever spoke less of them, but that I doubted anyone would.  For the kids in my class were always awesome ~ this was a place where we enjoyed being together and we showed each other respect.

I told them what I expected of them and how to keep their A.  I told them to do their work, come prepared and see me if they needed any help.  I would always help them and be there for them.  I called them my kids and many times, they received nicknames which they wrote on their papers as their names.

I loved teaching 7th/8th graders.  They were my favorites although I have taught every grade, even as young as kindergarteners.  I had a good time in my classroom.  For the most part, my treating them like adults worked perfectly.  I tried to instill life lessons ~ do your work, treat everyone with kindness, be responsible, respect yourself and others and tell someone when you need help (with school or otherwise).  I enjoyed them as much as they enjoyed me I think.  Most of the time we had a ball in class and they learned so much because they are like sponges when you relate to them with kindness.

I was blessed to have taught in the school I attended with many of my own teachers becoming my colleagues once I started teaching there.  I had over 10 blissful years teaching that I will never forget.  I only remember a handful of kids that I couldn’t reach for whatever reason.  To this day, I can joyously tell you that I have some of my former students Facebook friend me which just delights me.  To think that I may have touched another person’s  life in a positive way is all I have ever wanted in life!

Do you have any teachers whom you remember fondly?  Please share below in the comments!

Thanks BAngel for being my teacher and friend.

Shine On!



25 thoughts on “Thank a Teacher

  1. 🙂 You made such a difference then as you do now. Anyone in your “energetic range” can feel your love and be changed because of it. What an inspiration you are!!! Thank you!

  2. Oh what I would have given to have you for a teacher! It all makes perfect sense to me. I just know that you touched many, many hearts in those ten years. And you touch mine now…and you are a teacher for me!! Thank you for the beauty that you bring into this world…never stop shining!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  3. I’ve been in education 24 years, and I think your classroom sounds like the most amazing one of all! All we need to do is believe in our students, absolutely love them just as they are, and provide a safe and encouraging environment where they feel valued regardless of the “state approved measurements” we must inflict upon them.

  4. As a teacher, I’m very touched by your post Yvonne! But I really think the best teacher is… Life, yes, in this school Earth we must learn and learn again. Sometimes we’re asked to be the teachers… but, really the greatest teacher is LIfe itself. Thank you 🙂 ♥♥

  5. I could have used you at that age. I was 14 when my dad died and I don’t think the teachers knew what to do with me and I was sure confused enough as it was and became rebellious. That said, I along with my kids had some great teachers over the years; Sister Patricia taught me God’s love, My ninth grade teacher taught me a love of history, my 9th grade bookkeeping teacher, Mr. C taught me where my gifts were in administrative work and my 8th grade English teacher Mr. Green, taught me a love of reading. My son had Mr. Penman and Mr Reed and especially the Jr high principle and another teacher who took him in when being bullied, and Mr and Mrs Wachob. My daughter had Mrs. Wachob, Mrs. Diffinbach, Mrs. Love ( and yes that was her attitude too- perfect name for her) and Mrs. Welliver and to Mrs. Antinetti who encouraged my daughter to go to college (we told her the same things but we are only her parents and it too Mrs. A to get her into college!!) and to pursue early childhood education – great teachers that sill touch our lives. There is also my neighbor who is a teacher and if teaches like she raises her children we will have a generation of well adjusted adults. Stacy you are an example for all of us! So many wonderful teachers – thank you too for your dedication in shaping our future. As a rebellious pre teen and teen I can tell you that even if you think you did not plant a seed in those children, you did. Once I got my act together I remembered many life lessons from my teachers that probably thought they did not reach me either. {hugs}

    • Oh Patty, my heartfelt thanks for your comment ~ I LOVE that you remember your teachers and those of your children. I think we are all teachers to each other in some form and that we are blessed to recognize when we are learning life lessons from a kind heart. I’m saddened that you have endured so much but I send you a loving hug as always. You are always in my prayers. ♥

  6. I love the energy and message of your post — and its focus on our A capabilities!

    what an inspiration you are Gina — and what a gift you must have been in front of that classroom.

    You are a gift in my life. Every day.

  7. Though it’s been more than sixty-six years, I still have fond memories of my first grade teacher, Mrs. Hinds. She didn’t just teach the curriculum; she introduced our young minds to so many new things via storytelling, class plays/musicals, poetry, etc.

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