Live By Choice


“Live by choice, not by chance.

Make changes, not excuses.

Be motivated, not manipulated.

Work to excel, not compete.

Choose to listen to your inner voice,

not the jumbled opinions of everyone else.”

– Marc Chernoff

Wowsza, what else is there to say?  This one says it all!

Shine On!


30 thoughts on “Live By Choice

  1. Ah Yvonne! I just LOVE each of your post – and this quote makes me enthusiast, because it is absolutely true and extremely important, thank you so much, your work is so important 🙂 much love to you!

  2. I would love to tattoo this on the arm of every person who hurts….and then ask them to recite it 50 times per day. I know how hard the message is to receive….but when you finally get it…..BAM!

  3. simple, nice and true… HL = huge like! ❤ our whole and daily life is based upon choices and decisions… that we have to assume! 🙂
    * * *
    P.S. my close neighbor and dear friend is called… Yvonne! do you have any French roots/origins, too?… 🙂

    • Mais oui! I do have French family roots but alas, my French isn’t good anymore. I just know a few words. But I love the language. I have to cheat when I read your blog and do the English version! 🙂 But I enjoy trying to read in French as well! ♥

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