The Power of An Encouraging Word


 “A word of encouragement during a failure is worth more than an hour of praise after success.”

~ unknown

I think that the kindness shown when we are down is most memorable ~ at least for me which is why this quote resonated today.  I wonder if it will resonate for others as well.  There’s a softening when we reach out in troubled times.  There’s a caring like no other when the chips are down and an unexpected loving gesture is received.  It matters not if it is a hug, a phone call or even a letter in the mail.  It just matters that you do it.

Reach out, don’t hold out.

Opportunities are fleeting to do something positive.  You hold the key.  You are powerful.  Use your gift to bless, to encourage, to love.

Shine On!


14 thoughts on “The Power of An Encouraging Word

  1. Yes!! 🙂 When I go through something sad, I don’t want people to say poor you, how awful, I want them to hold me tight and say that I will manage, that I am strong and that I will be fine and that they are here for me if I need someone to lean on 🙂

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