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I can only speak for myself here, but the most extraordinary experience happened to me last night and I felt the need to share.  I was telling someone yesterday that I’ve endured more than 15 surgeries in my lifetime with at least one more on the horizon which I have been putting off because I know the energy I need to extend in order to have that surgery, not to mention the upset my being in the hospital and not being able to be a Mom in our household causes.  I know that every time I have surgery, there are costs incurred that insurance doesn’t cover.  I know that I lose brain cells, that I endure pain and suffering and I have a long road ahead to recover.  It’s no wonder I’ve put off this last surgery (hopefully last!) for more than a year.  Obviously it’s not a surgery that I need to have done immediately, otherwise I would just bite the bullet and have it now.

So as I laid my head on my pillow last night, I was thinking about the next surgery that is directly due to my breast cancer diagnoses from 2001.  As I was thinking about it, it occurred to me how much my body has endured ~ and I’m still here.  I started thinking of all that my body has endured for me ~ all of the surgeries I’ve experienced and how my body continues to recover albeit slower these days and how grateful I am to my body.  I thought of the endless 6 months of poisoning chemotherapy which took my body down to its barest being, the daily shots, the intense 6 weeks of radiation, the eternal testings that required still, and all the traumatic experiences that have occurred so far in this lifetime.  I thought of how most people who meet me now, have no idea of what I’ve endured in this lifetime because my body has been such a great healer.  Sure, I have gained pounds that I regret, my body shape is not ‘normal’ anymore and I wish I had the svelte body I picture in my head instead of a scarred one that I see in the mirror.  But the fact remains, my body has done so much for me and I regret that I haven’t ever thanked her properly.

So, closing my eyes, I simply thanked my body and with my mind, I gently hugged my body, really lovingly hugged my body.  Appreciating all that she has endured so well for me to be able to keep going, baby steps, through my life.  Many people live without ever experiencing a surgery, their bodies never having to recover from being mangled and here my body has been through the wringer (no kidding!) and she’s still here, ready for me to get up every morning, feed her a bit of coffee, pet the cat and write my blog (after hugging and kissing my family of course!)

It occurred to me in that instant that I’d never properly thanked her for healing, for being and for enduring so much.  I know some of you may find this a strange post, but have you ever stopped for a moment to thank your body for helping you to ‘be’ you ~ for taking you where you want to go, for functioning without a thought, for breathing without you having to direct its movements?  When you think about the majesty which is your living, breathing body, it’s just amazing.  We don’t stop often to remind ourselves to breathe, do we?  Our bodies seem to just go on automatic pilot and do it for us.  But what happens when it’s not automatic anymore?  Or when our bodies feel dis-ease?

I guess I just wanted you to take a moment today, close your eyes and wrap your spirit around your physical body ~ hug yourself, hold yourself and give thanks for your body.  Don’t berate your body for being overweight, not good enough or any other negative thought you may have about it.  Just breathe in and be with your essence of your body.  Hug your body like you would a sweet child who needs comforting.  Quietly sing its praises for all that it does for you each and every moment of the day.  Feel gratitude for your body and how it serves you, tirelessly all the days of your life.  Refrain from criticizing your body and praise its beauty.  You may be pleasantly surprised how it responds!

Shine On!



44 thoughts on “Love Your Body

  1. This is so beautiful and sage advice for every one of us. We tend to take our bodies for granted and even become negative in the way we view it. We are not our bodies but we do travel in them during this lifetime. The beautiful way you thanked your body will have lasting effects, Yvonne. Honor…wonderful!
    Blessitude 🙂

  2. Very moving and important post Yvonne! You’re so wise and so right to share with us such toughts… as a “vehicle” we must respect and thank our body. It is not a simple “machine”, it is like our “spacesuit” that allows us to live in this world… I admire your braveness and your lucidity. We too often forget, especially when we are or suppose we are healthy, to love our body… you’ve written wonderful lines about this necessity Yvonne. Thank you for sharing, and much love to you.

    • I love the spacesuit image Frederic! You are so right! It is like a beautiful mantle which we cover our soul spirit with and it should be treated as a gift. Much love to you Frederic ~ my gratitude for understanding and for your wise and kind comments as always xo

  3. You continue to shed your light in the most unexpected ways. Thank you Yvonne for reminding us, yet again, that we have so much to be thankful for…you truly are an inspiration. Bless you my friend (cuz) xoxo

  4. Yvonne, a wonderful topic today. With much meaning that any can find empathy with.
    Pain and suffering are brought to us in a variety of forms. Mine was polio at age four. I’ve had a few corrective surgeries as a youth that were frightening and challenging. Yet we must grow where we are planted-as St. Mother Teresa would say.

    I’m thankful, as you are, for the time my body performed as needed to fulfill a pupose, as a teacher and coach, that God had in mind for me-and continues to provide-only throught a different vocation.

    Our post polio support group once asked all members to write their polio story for our monthly newsletter. I concluded mine with this; “When viewing my image in a mirrror, and look deeply into my eyes, I see no crutches, no braces, nor abnormalities. I see the I that I am. The I that is a bit bruised from within and without, yet not broken. The I that, most thankfully, has loved and been loved. The I that in the end will have no regrets, but only joy for the direction my life has taken. For in its own way, it has lead me to love, the greatest prize that life can offer.”

  5. Thanks for this advice! I let myself get stressed out several years ago and neglected my body’s needs for rest and proper nurturing; so I should indeed give it some appreciation and TLC, and probably an apology too, along with a promise to do better in the future!

  6. What a beautiful post, Yvonne. You mind me of how resilient we are, how the invitation to love ourselves and be grateful for our amazing bodies is always there. As I lay my head down for bed this evening, I will drift off to sleep from a place of deep appreciation for my wounds and the strength and life that have made possible. Thank you.

  7. I am so touched by this Yvonne. There are tears of loving release and understanding 🙂
    May we all be able to give ourselves a hug and thank the miracle that is our body!
    We may not be our bodies, but I believe that our spirit and Presence reside in it. I believe its a sacred container with its own intelligence that our human brains may not be able to grasp.
    It hears you and loves you right back.
    Val xo

  8. This is a touching post, Yvonne. Our bodies are amazing. In being grateful for our bodies, we are also grateful for ourselves, since in the end it is our minds and spirits that can make the body most able. After everything I’ve endured, my body continues to go beyond expectations-I have no allergies, I rarely ever get sick, and I have never needed to take medications in my life (which often shocks the doctors).

    By the way, I had no idea you had been through so many surgeries in such a short timespan. You are a fighter 🙂

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  10. Yvonne this is a beautiful post and it made me feel silly, worrying about the lighter side of turning fifty soon. Life is way too short and from now on I am going to hug me and tell my body how wonderful it truly is. Thank you. Hoping your surgery is swift and you recover fully, blessings to you. Jennifer sent me over and I am glad she did.

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