Spend Your Present Cash Flow


Yesterday is a canceled check;

tomorrow is a promissory note;

today is the only cash you have;

so spend it wisely.

~ Kay Lyons via Neale Donald Walsch

Just a friendly reminder to use your time wisely ~ with enthusiasm ~ fill your day with love, with forgiveness and with joy!  Don’t let your day pass by without telling your loved ones how you feel.  Smile.  Tap your feet.  Sing a song.  Look up at the sky every single day, even if only for a moment.  Appreciate nature.  Appreciate your breath.  Be grateful for what you have right now!

Shine On!



7 thoughts on “Spend Your Present Cash Flow

  1. “Never leave without saying goodbye,
    never part without a kiss.
    For he who meets foredoom,
    doesn’t get a tomorrow for this.
    Never walk away without talking,
    that can hurt a heart so bad.
    What you’ve left behind in the morning,
    Could be gone when come the night.”
    A beautiful poem by Toon Hermans I translated quite roughly from Dutch, it’s been used all over the country for the past couple of days as people are trying to deal with the loss of their loved ones on flight MH17. This poem sums it all up for me… Being very grateful for all I have and for lovely people like you who take the time to remind us to look on the beautiful side of life! X

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