Nature Heals


Everybody needs beauty as well as bread,

places to play in and pray in,

where nature may heal and give strength to body and soul. 

~ John Muir

Do you feel grounded?  Do you feel a kinship with the Earth?  Do you ever open your arms to the wide beautiful planet we live on and look up to the skies at the sun, the moon, the stars and the planets which surround us and embrace the experience of this life around you?

Today, for a few moments, I’d like you to try.  Take a moment, plant your feet on the earth, open your arms wide and look up, left, right, down and all around you.  Turn yourself around, only one spin is necessary as you allow yourself to really see the world around you, feel the air, the ground and the beauty which surrounds you.  Breathe in the air.  Notice the sky’s colors.  Feel the pull of the earth and allow yourself to feel grounded in Mother Nature’s beauty pageant.

Feel the healing strength which comes from the experience.  Allow yourself the spiritual high which emanates from your soul as you commune with nature today.  You may have to indulge yourself a few times in order to embrace a glimpse of the healing possibilities which are yours to take as needed.  Spiritual love, nature and healing are all here for you.  You only need to notice and to embrace the beauty which we sometimes take for granted.

May you experience the healing power of nature today and always.

Shine On!


18 thoughts on “Nature Heals

  1. I visited many time “Muir Woods” near San Francisco. I think the name of this wonderful national US park is related to John Muir. I remember I felt as in a cathedral… your beautiful post reminds me of that blessed moments… and yes, Nature is cathedral, the pillars of which are redwoods… thank you very much Yvonne. Love to you.

  2. Nature is the best friend anyone could find. She’s a good listener, offers wonderful insight about the world, and she allows us to reflect her beauty.

  3. Love this. When my daughter used to cry as a toddler, I would open the door and we would go outside. We lived on my aunt’s property..a beautiful rose garden. She always stopped crying and calmed down right away. ♡ We did this again the other day. I also lived in Yosemite for 8 months after college (I went for the summer and stayed) and it was so healing to just be in that place. ♡ I didnt hike a lot. I just learned to be in a calm place.

  4. After my most recent surgery, I knew I wouldn’t feel 100% recovered until I could go outside and walk in the woods. Nature does heal.

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