How to Find Peace

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“Peace is to be found only within, and unless one finds it there
he will never find it at all. Peace lies not in the external world.
It lies within one’s own soul.” – Ralph W. Trine

Peace, Stillness, Sanctuary, Self-Love are all ways in which we can find peace within our souls.  But it is we who must do the work in order to find the inner peace which we already have in our souls.  Peace is not something outside of us, but a divine present which we inherently hold deep within us.  We only need to tap into it in order to feel the fruits of the divine.  It is through stillness which isn’t always still, that we are lead to that place of understanding and self-awareness.  I am a seeker of my own peace within, slowly winding my way, piece by peace, taking baby steps on an unmarked path to my soul.  I am blessed to have connected with others who hold out their hands for me to hold, to follow, who willingly walk this path on my life’s journey.  Hearts open wide as they help to lift my tired wings as I learn to fly.  My soul rejoices with every step I take, even when at times, I may stumble backwards.  I may fall, but I get up, ever vigilant, ever optimistic, ever yearning for the Presents of Presence.

May you find peace within you,

today and everyday.

Shine On!


23 thoughts on “How to Find Peace

  1. This is my first e-mail of the day and it brought me right to a beautiful serenity. What a gift that was…what a gift you are! Thank you!

  2. A wonderful post Yvonne-thank you for reminding that peace is in stillness. There are times when a calm overtakes me, as I’m sure you and many have experienced, that I just don’t want to let go. I’m hesitant to even more at that moment for fear it will leave.

    And I’ve come to realize that that peaceful calm I long to hold on to, is only present to begin with, because I let go of the hectic distractions that are constantly demanding my attention.

    Peaceful moments to us all.


  3. So important. When I was a counselor, one of the points I always tried to instill in others is that NO ONE else is responsible for your own happiness. It all starts within.

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