The Present Moment…

“When we enter a state of mindful attention, the present moment, the now, eases open.

And when it does, life pours in.”

—  Anne Glusker

May you frolic in your life’s present.  May you increase your stillness as you breathe this moment of peace filled tranquility into your body, mind and soul.  May you find comfort in knowing that you are loved.  Feel the world hug you with delicious delight!  Smile, hold joy in your heart.  Relish this feeling of expansion, of emptiness which fills with song, laughter and tears of gratitude for you are worthy, you are blessed, you are loved, right now, just the way you are. and you know it.  You feel it tingle throughout your body with light-filled joy!

Universe/God/Source delights in your presence here on Earth.  We care.  Your life is meaningful.  Your kindness, your prosperity and your willingness to connect with others allows the flow of blessings to expand throughout the lands.  Feel the gratitude in being you.  Be filled with hope and knowing that you create this beautiful moment of light within you and with it, you continue to shine your soul self light as a beacon of love to everyone with whom you come into contact today!

Shine On!



23 thoughts on “The Present Moment…

  1. Oh, wow!! It is like an injection or a vitamin pill of LOVE! 🙂 How lovely! 🙂 All who read this will smile! 🙂 Like a pink candle glowing out into my room from your words in my laptop! 🙂 Lots and lots of Love to you dear Yvonne!! ❤ ❤ ❤

  2. May your post deeply resonate within YOU…and may you find the peace you so generously give to others. Warm embracing hugs to you, xo.

  3. This post was so powerful it could have been written by a motivational speaker presenting to stadium filled with ten thousand people. Beautifully written!


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