La Gratitude


 La gratitude fait grandir l’âme, attendrit le coeur

et amène de la joie dans la vie.

Gratitude expands the soul, softens the heart and brings joy to life.


 Gratitude embraces our soul with every new day, blessing us with a new canvas on which to create our lives with joy.  I am grateful for all of our connections as we travel this path of life, weaving in and out of each other’s lives, bearing witness to triumph and tragedy, sharing milestones and interacting with peace, love and joy.  Together we hold hands, reaching out beyond our homes, into the blogosphere where we connect with heart-filled presence.  Sending out love, reaching for hope and feeling peace in our souls as we shine, each in our own special sun soul way to form a ball of beauty which smites the darkness of negativity in the world.  It is to all of you whom I give special thanks for being so kind, so loving and so receptive to my writings.

I awoke this morning to a brilliant beginning, full of hope, full of love and full of gratitude.

I would like to thank Frederic over at  poems and poemes   for his kindness and unexpected dedication in his blog.  Merci mille fois Frederic!  I am honored, I am grateful and I am full from your kindness.  Please take a moment to visit:  Click Here!

Shine On!








10 thoughts on “La Gratitude

  1. Rhonda has found the perfect words 🙂
    Je t’aime Yvonne
    Shine on
    Shine on
    Shine on

    Tu m’as redonné le sourire
    Tu m’as redonné l’espoir et la joie
    Tu m’as fait le plus beau des cadeaux




    Yes, it’s so important to be grateful. You know that, and you share it so perfectly and heartfully. God bless you, Yvonne!

      • Yvonne, another synchronicity, it’s incredible. I’ve seen that you appreciate Jack’s work ( I have been extremely touched by his story. I am SO HAPPY to know that you can now watch over him. I think he needs your light to get self confidence and encouragement. Oh Yvonne, I’m so grateful and I thank God to have connected us – well, I’m not sure of my Grammar, but both Him and you will forgive me 🙂 pease keep in touch with Jack and take care of him as much as you can. Love to you, my dear soul-mate (I definitively think that we are soul-mates) ♥♥

      • Ahhhh Frederic ~ yes, we are most certainly connected and we will help Jack as others have helped us. How divine is this life that we make such special connections around the globe ~ shining our lights from near and far in order to help ourselves and others to heal spiritually, mentally and emotionally. Sure we are not professionals (at least I’m not ~ are you?) but we have lots of heart, understanding and we offer our hands to hold, to applaud and to help wipe away tears. Soulmates, yes…xoxo

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