Monday’s Wish

36308_Love Joy Peace

The beginning of the week ~ the start of stress, to do lists to check off and the belief that we have so much to do!  I feel the same way.  So today I wish us all Love Joy and Peace.  May you take a moment to just breathe, to enjoy a few peaceful thoughts and to know that you are being sent Love Joy and Peace.  Be embraced by the knowledge that you are loved.  Embrace the love that surrounds you.  Bring joy to everything you do and in turn, remember that joy is attracted to you.  Feel the peace within your soul and with every step today, emanate your peace, shine it on all with whom you come into contact.

Be Love.

Be Joyful.

Be Peaceful

Shine On!


30 thoughts on “Monday’s Wish

  1. Thank you for sending some peace back to me too. I am reminded of my own practices (I watched the video).. the one that came to mind is surrounding everything with love.. I do that automatically now… difficult emotions and situations.. pain..and I connect inside.. then whatever is happening outside is okay..
    I thought of your photo of the musician.. I let everything get louder (you know how the director raises his arms and the symphony gets louder) and then I picture the end of the music..when he signals stop and it is quiet.. I feel into what is happening in the moment.. and I save these up and sit quietly and somehow some words appear that are comforting… I appreciate your inspiration so much. Thank you ❤

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