Love is Lost

This quote touched me today. Don’t allow love to get lost please. Write, say, hug the love you feel towards another person. We only have today, we only have this moment in time. Don’t let it pass you by without expressing how you feel. It makes all the difference in the world to you and to the person whom you love.
Shine On!

Reiki With Friends

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10 thoughts on “Love is Lost

  1. Such a great quote. Both sides of my extended family have histories of being unwilling to talk about emotions, health, and other long-term meaningful subjects. After awhile, it begins taking a toll on relationships.

    • I understand, but you now have friends here who willingly talk about all of it and even reach out their hands to you in friendship! It’s hard for those who have not endured life changes as such to ‘get it’. I’m a 13 year cancer survivor who still gets checked every 6 months. I know. I understand. Big hugs to you.

  2. The problem with my family members is a fear of being seen as vulnerable and opening up to others. My grandmother on my mom’s side, who passed away from cancer 12 years ago, treated meaningful life conversations like hand grenades-to be lobbed only when cornered and under extreme duress. Both of my father’s parents died before I was born, but I’m told they were the same way. In a way, my blog is an attempt to break that cycle of non-communication.

    • I respect and admire your reasons for blogging. I applaud you for being strong by opening up your vulnerabilities in order to share your experiences. By doing this, you connect with others which in turn helps you and them to heal. Sharing those stores on your page helps us to see the courage that many people with NF2 show everyday in their lives, including you. I’m proud to be your friend.

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