What Do We All Want?


What connects us all?  Is it the air we breathe, the water we drink, the sunshine which delights in shining on us?  Oh yes, I believe that those are important connectors in our lives.  I think that what connects us is what we want in life.  When it boils down to it, barring the necessities of the body in order to live, we want three things.

To be loved.

To be heard.

To be connected.

When you think of an infant, you can see those wants clearly and we admonish those who do not produce what we want.  It is universal.  No matter from what far flung corner of the world you are from, the want is the same.

See me.

Hear me.

Be with me.

Do you know what I”m saying?  Does this resonate with you?  Are you longing for any of the above in your life?  Many times we ache for these and yet, they should be treated as prerequisites for connecting with ourselves and others.  But somewhere along the line, I think fear seeped in and it flooded out the trust in ourselves and others.  We simply allowed the messages from our hearts and brains to be washed away in the fear-based universe never to be replaced.

But this scenario doesn’t have to be.  By shining your sun self on the world, you warm the souls around you with your loving goodness.  When you reach beyond your world and comfort zone into the unknown: you find love, you connect, you see yourself and others, you hear the music in voices unheard and you can be with them all in a loving manner.  You are a peaceful person, stretching beyond the boundaries of those forsaken in order to shine brighter.

Imagine if everyone’s lives began and continued with the prerequisite of the above being fulfilled. What a wonderful world this would be!

Shine On!




13 thoughts on “What Do We All Want?

  1. Letting go of fear makes it all possible. Fear breeds anger, jealousy, resentment, anxiety, sarcasism….what a wonderful world it would be, if people could rid themselves of the weighted baggage of fear.

  2. Love. Love. Love this.

    at a workshop I was at last week, the facilitator talked about how we all look for a sense of belonging. How we all want our lives to have meaning. It connects us he said.

    I agree — we are love — and will see love through shadowed eyes in order to feel like we belong. Yet, when we embrace life with the perfection and innocence of a newborn child, we become the only thing we can be — Love.

    Beautiful post Yvonne. Thank you for the loving reminder to enter my day in Love.

  3. This morning in my morning meditation with DePaak, the question asked was, “What Do You Want.” Sadly, years ago, my response probably would have been “a newer car, a bigger house, a higher salary, etc.” After my breast cancer diagnosis in 2008, the need for material things totally diminished. Though spiritual growth, I was guided to value and appreciate what really brings happiness into our lives. Thank you for your inspirational words, today.

    • The same happened with me Yvonne ~ but I was diagnosed back in 2001. But I understand completely as I feel the same way as you! Amazing how our lives changed spiritually for the better after the experience of bc, don’t you think? ♥ I’m grateful you are here to share your experiences with those who are enduring it now. Shine on!

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