Be a Weekend Warrior

cupidsMy photo of all of you!

So this is how I imagine you all ~ the weekend warriors of love!  I am using weekend warrior because generally we have more leisure time on the weekends and I like the juxtaposition of warrior and love.  So here you are, sending out heartfelt hugs, being kind and shining your sun selves brightly ~ changing the world just by being you!  So if you are out and about this weekend, smile at others, be polite and kind (I know you always are!) and allow your inner goodness to radiate on all those in your vicinity.  Do something extra special for yourself.  Treat yourself (and maybe the person behind you?) at the store today.  Pass along the smiles and laughter in your heart.  Embrace the sunny being you are inside and allow your rays to shine on everyone!

Let me know how your weekend goes!  I bet it will be beautiful, just like you!

Shine On!



20 thoughts on “Be a Weekend Warrior

  1. My weekend is going beautifully!! If you have time, you can look at the post I just published and then you will see how beautifully my weekend is going!! And today is Norway’s (my native conutry) birthday!! It is a big spring festival in Norway, where we eat ice cream all day long, and play games and have fun, and sing lots of songs! 🙂

  2. Here near Paris, the sun is shining and the sky is blue. But it is not as blue and “full of light” as your generous and wise heart 🙂
    And something VERY positive I’ve learnt to make today, thanks to you, making heart :
    Merci encore, pour tout,
    “Let your soul play on the blue sky swing”

  3. It’s easy to be sunny when the weather is getting warmer and nicer but more difficult on those cold and rainy days. Good words to remember—-thanks for the sunshiny thoughts!!

  4. Fulfilling the need for peace and joy within my home; this morning, I decided to go shopping and replenish my supply of candles. A lighted candle brings serenity into my space. Thank you for this post.

  5. Timely as always… I have a “date” tonight to refill by joy battery with C-Squared. Yes, my niece and nephew share so much love that they are C times C, not C plus C.

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