An Invitation to Unite Your Power

power“So powerful is the light of unity that it can

illuminate the whole earth.” -Baha’ullah

Some of us shy away from the word power.  For me, it feels somehow forceful to say I am powerful in an uncomfortable way.  To say I am powerful feels disingenuous as I try very hard not to hold power over others (except my sons when needed because, well, I am their Mom!)  But even in being a Mom, I have never hit them or showed them power in a destructive way.  But I guess somehow I have felt that the idea of power was strength, perhaps even brutal strength and I stayed clear of saying I am powerful as I disassociated myself from that way of thinking.

But I am learning, ever learning, how power doesn’t mean that per se.  Surely there are those who will feel that the word power has that connotation.  Being powerful implies strength (for which I heartily agree).  I am powerful because I endured breast cancer.  I am powerful because I control myself.  I am powerful because power fuels me, ignites the passion I have for inspiring others and for sharing the tidbits I’ve learned in order to help.

But there are times when I’m not comfortable with the power within myself.  I don’t play big, I only play small because it’s more comfortable for me.  I don’t want to stand out, I just want to quietly help.  And yet there are times, when I want to shout from the rooftops to inspire you.  I imagine myself on a stage telling you that YOU CAN BE POWERFUL and still be a lady (or a gentleman).  I lead by example when I can for sometimes words are simply words and actions speak louder than words.

I do not walk with the crowd all the time.  In fact, I like to do my own thing although I do enjoy the company of the crowd.  I am chameleon-like in that regard.  It is not that I change who I am to fit in.  Not at all.  But I can sympathize with various life situations having lived a varied one myself which helps when there are many people who are hurting out there and who need a friend who isn’t judging, just simply listening.

It’s always been this way for me.  I know many secrets which I do not reveal and I have revealed to a select few my own battle with breast cancer etc.  When I feel as if it may help you to know that you are not alone, that others have walked a similar path in this lifetime and been able to continue to take baby steps, then I take the chance to open up and allow the power of me to shine.  I always hope it helps for you to know that you are not alone, that there is someone who cares and who is there for you.  They may not even need more than a hug, but for that, I am there with open arms and a loving embrace.  I think if we as a society did more caring acts as this, life would be easier for so many people, including ourselves.

So today I ask you to think about your unique power in this world.  We are all superheroes if we wish to be.  Imagine if we made our own Super Hero/Heroine Society ~ connecting each unique circle of light within, filled with caring, everyday people who open their powerful, loving selves up to give and to receive life’s amazing blessings.  Would you join our happy group?  You’ve got the invitation right here!  Come on, hop on board ~ hope is on the horizon!

Shine On!





21 thoughts on “An Invitation to Unite Your Power

  1. How fascinating. My eldest daughter and I had a conversation about power last night. I told her that my wish for her was that she not wait until her 50s to discover how incredibly powerful she is. Embrace it now. Accept it and then live it! Say YES! and set the world on fire. 🙂 In my course – Right Your Heart Out — I have an exercise where people identify their super-power/hero and write a poem to it — it’s great fun!

  2. Yes, yes! “Power” is a tricky word. But quiet power, subtle power, is the most dynamic kind, at least in my mind. And thank you for allowing us to feel we are not alone. I SO appreciate your warmth and wisdom!

    Shining in Ecuador,

  3. Oh – me a superhero! When I was a kid I wanted to grow up to be Wonder Woman – LOL
    And – I’m in on being part of the Happy group. 😉

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