Grow Your Own Sunshine









This little Light of Thine…go ahead and let it SHINE!

For awhile now, I have ended every post with the phrase Shine On!  It was on a whim that I began that phrase, not meaning any more than to hope you would feel uplifted and empowered by it.  I realized today after helping a friend that there is more to it for me.  In fact, the Universe is giving me signals these days for on Mother’s Day I was given a cd of music entitled, “Shine On.”  So I thought I should write about what it means to me.

We are meant to Shine On, to embrace our light and to allow it to Shine On all with whom we come into contact.  Surely there may be people, who like the planets which orbit our sun, who may turn away from our light.  There may be those who can only experience our sun self’s warmth for small lengths of time.  But who doesn’t rejoice in the warmth of sunshine?  Who doesn’t feel the positivity in the sun’s radiance?  Who doesn’t thrive and grow in the light of the sun?

Your powerful sun self warms the world around you.  Your growth mixed with the growth of others, allows the Universe to expand its positivity and optimism.  Hope extends like a halo around your goodness and love radiates in waves of light on all those with whom you connect, with whom you come into contact, with whom you touch.  It is in this way that I caution you to not dim your light and I urge you to seize your power!  You do no good in the world when you play small and lessen your power.  When you do not own the power of positivity within you, when you do not share it, when you hide it away in the smallness of your world, you lessen yourself and others.  You must enlighten yourself and the world around you in the way you are meant to which is to play big!  What if our sun decided to just play small and not expand?  Would there be as much growth here on Earth?  Or would we all suffer because the sun didn’t want to shine as much as she could?    What if in connecting on a larger more international scale we could help our seeds of light grow, expand and develop?  Wouldn’t that be grand?!

Sure it requires a change of mindset to expand our sun self’s rays of light.  It necessitates our stretching out of our comfort zones in order to shine brighter.  It demands that we own the power within us and push forth into the world with our knowing and our innate love in order to connect with others.   It demands that we are in touch with ourselves and with others in order to experience the light.   One may even find that uncertainty and fear begin their rays of darkness when we decide to extend forward and to shine.  That’s ok.  It’s always darkest before dawn ~ and there is always dawn.

So the next time you read Shine On! please take the request to allow your light to

Shine On

and benefit the whole world with your unique love and light!


22 thoughts on “Grow Your Own Sunshine

  1. And you are shining most brightly!! I also want to shine in the world, and like I said before, create a path of Light with my life. The only thing for me is when I am around very aggresive people, people who say mean things and act out of a dark place. I become so frightened and become quiet and shy and small. I wish I didn’t it. I wish I would just keep smiling and shining. It is one weakness in my character. Even when people just raise their voice little bit I start crying, I wish I could rise above it, and I have tried, but I keep failing. I mean, when I am away from them, I manage to start shining again, but in the confrontation with such people I just become small and scared. I must shine always! Thank you for this lovely post Yvonne! Lots of Love to you shining rose! 🙂

    • Oh my dear Line, your comment tugs at my heart with tears. I do not see this as a weakness of character, but as a building block to strength. Try putting on a mantle of powerful light before engaging with the known culprits so that they do not rob you of your light and love. Do not carry their fears ~ like a duck in water, allow their darkness to slide off of your back without touching your inner beauty. Keep taking baby steps dear Line. You are beautiful (inside and out) and I am sending you heartfelt hugs of protection to keep with you and carry in your heart. ♥

  2. Very insightful post Yvonne! Love it! I also related so much to what Line commented. I tend to do the same thing around people with aggressive energy. I place my light on a dimmer perhaps to guard my own energy….much like a “soul armour”. It can be very draining to shine around people who are chronically grouchy, negative and closed-minded….and yet, those are the people who are in the most need of LIGHT!!! As always, thank you for sharing..xo

    • I agree Heather, those types of people are difficult to bear. I find that when I put on a mantle of protective light, I can manage them easier for greater lengths of time. I heartily agree with you and I pray you protect your sweet soul ♥

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