The Gift of Death



I am moved beyond words.  I’ve had to let the experience settle into my bones and stay awhile.  I can’t remember the last time I was so changed by someone.  Words fail me and yet I yearn to speak, to share and to mesh with you.  But I don’t know if you are up for the experience.  I am changed.  I cannot go back and unlearn what has entered and tethered my soul, my brain and my very cells.  It is as if my heart, my soul have cracked wide open.  With the raindrops trickling outside, I hear the peace within my soul beckon to me.  Peace which has long-since been avoiding me, now settles into my solar plexus.  A wide open space of lovingness, of deep breaths which seem to be a necessity as I write to you.

Reacting so strongly to something so simple yet complex is nothing new for me, except that what I experience now is beyond my words.  I am grasping for what to say to you, for how to inexplicably explain what I’m feeling so that you understand.  I ache to reach out to hold your hand and to simply be with this new-found understanding.

I was given a gift by Heather and it is to her whom I give my gratitude.  An innocuous text came to my phone, a recommendation for an amazing film that I should watch.  So I did.

Below is the trailer for the film. 

Let me know what you think.

Shine On!


28 thoughts on “The Gift of Death

  1. Thank you so very much for sharing this post! As I said to you last night, this film at times is difficult and painful…yet challenging and insightful beyond measure. Stephen has such a deep knowledge and understanding of life and death….he brought such great pondering and peace to my soul…it’s truely a cleansing and you are left re-newed…a more pure form of thought presents itself and a gentle warmth surrounds my being. A film to be watched by many generations to come…xoxo!

  2. Thank you for sharing this and for powerfully describing how impactful it was to you. I believe those who show the most gratitude in life will be the ones most grieved at death.

  3. That means so much to me…thank you! It simply amazes me how we find the most meaningful messages….and how they deliver themselves to us when we are in need….a soul replenishment. For me, the film felt like a journey in and of itself. I began watching and intially felt sadness…floods of memories came rushing in and I was uncomfortable. As I stayed with it and continued to watch, my feelings shifted and my body eased and I began to open myself to the beauty in Stephen’s wisdom. The peace, for me, was the realization that those spoken words of wisdom were always there…within me…like coming home…it was known…it was familiar… and I felt more connected to life and to death than ever before. Xoxo

    • Your gift is well-received with much gratitude for our connection as you already know ~ the beauty in your words and sentiments are unmatched by anything I can write or say. I believe you are right, “we are more connected to life and death than ever before” after experiencing the documentary. I look forward to talking about it more with you. Many blessings to you xoxo

  4. Thanks for bringing this to our attention…I am setting aside an hour to watch the entire film tomorrow. This is a story that needs to be told. Death is such a taboo subject, but it is one that we will all encounter. I’ve watched many people die as a nurse in the hospital, but then I watched my own Dad die in hospice…what a night and day experience…his death was beautiful….When I tell people that I always get such a weird look, but there’s no other way to describe it. We should all be so lucky…Can’t wait to watch this.

    • I had to watch this is 2 segments because it was so much, not in a bad way, but in a good way if that makes sense. I had to digest his words and the feelings that came up as I watched the documentary. I have been at the bedside of 3 as they died and I wouldn’t have wanted to have been anywhere else and I pray that when my time comes, that I will be surrounded by love as well. I agree, death is taboo but it need not be which is why I am bringing it up. Thanks for understanding and for watching. I await your thoughts. ♥

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  6. Wow. I will watch. I watched the trailer. It resonates. I have been really sick and close to death. There is a reverence for life I have now and also for grief. I will watch. ♡

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