“The only person you need to satisfy, impress or motivate is YOU!” ~ Steve Schulz

Shine On!



7 thoughts on “YOU!

  1. Here in India the swan symbol is used a lot (especially while depicting Saraswati) and here is what it means (in Indian symbolism) : “Swans teach us how to open up to our inner beauty and express it to the outer world.” I find that quote very inspiring! 🙂 You are definitely a beautiful swan like that Yvonne. Keep shining you too!!

  2. And the magical thing is how we are connected by that♡♡♡ and inspire you inspire me.
    (I missed the video training it happened to be on my bday. I will watch the recording. I felt bad I missed it.)

      • Thanks. I have been waiting for a new computer to continue with the printing process. Got it. So my husband will help me with that. I keep thinking about the beautiful cards you helped design. And all of your supportive words and notes. Thank you. I do still want to do the cards! Maybe after the book is printed.
        I have been getting lots of inspiration from your posts lately. Thanks!!

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