Until I Say Good-Bye

Capt1ureUntil I say Good-Bye

My Year of Living With Joy

By Susan Spencer-Wendel

It has been awhile since a book captivated me from the start so tightly that I had to finish it as quickly as possible.  It’s been awhile since I’ve cried, laughed and without reservation, understood another author so well.  It’s been awhile since I’ve recommended a book ~ one that when I say, YOU HAVE TO READ THIS, I mean it with my whole heart and soul.  But I have found this one ~ which to me, is a must read.

Susan, if you are reading this, I applaud you and I want to hug you.  You inspire me.  You have touched me and by the looks of your FB page, you have inspired and connected with so many others whose lives have changed because of your courage, your stamina of heart and your honesty.  I am better for having read your amazing book.  I am blessed to have found it somehow ~ although as we know, serendipity rules.

The word SERENDIPITY feels so right to me that I believe I will use it myself more often.  If copying is the sincerest form of flattery, please feel flattered as I will always think of you when I hear/write/speak the word SERENDIPITY.

I do not cry tears of pain and sadness.  I cry because you touched my life by showing us yours.  I cry because I understood as much as I can and connected with you by your own words the basics of life, of being a mom and of being a wife, a daughter, a woman and a friend.  My friend’s Mom passed from ALS and I never understood the agony she endured.  You’ve put a face to a disease,to a family who is normal, who loves, who lives with all the normalcy that being a family means.

Once I finished your book this morning, I knew I had to write about you.  I searched your FB page and was elated to find you are still here, still tap-tap-tapping with your nose.  May you continue to be blessed and to bless us all with your presence.  It is to you that I dedicate my post today.  Thank you for shining your special light on us all.

Feel free to visit Susan  CLICK HERE!

Shine On!



14 thoughts on “Until I Say Good-Bye

  1. Thank you so much for this gift….I just ordered it on Amazon. I had tears just reading about her story and I believe it will serve as a wake-up call to slow down and appreciate the true joy that life wants to bless us with everyday! I feel like I am a very grateful and happy being BUT there is always room for improvement…what a powerful and beautiful spirit!! Xoxo

  2. What an amazing women… I had a friend die of MND at Christmas … She too was an amazing women making the most of her life as best she could.. What a sad disease and what strength to make the choices that Susan did..

  3. You have made me tear up with your heartfelt words and I must get this book and explore Susan’s writings. ALS is a truly horrific disease that slowly, yet methodically, robs a person of every physical part of their being. From your review I can tell that Susan’s soul has remained intact and shines through…Beautiful!! Blessitude

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