Reach Out and Lick Someone!


Brody and Me

Brody is a friend’s pup whom I adore.  There’s nothing like a spring day with an affectionate pup by your side ~ or better explained, a big lab pup who’s almost as big as yourself who believes without question that he’s a lap dog ~ and gets in your lap whether he fits or not!  The reason I posted a photo of us is because I think it’s the little things in life that make such a big difference.  This photo was shot last Spring and whenever I see it, it brings back the sweet memory of that moment.  It’s not a good shot of either of us for you can’t see the beauty of his face nor of his owner who took the photo, but you can see my double chins!  However, it’s the warmth, the fur therapy, the beauty in the Spring air and the laughter and smiles of friendship that this moment brought to my life.  I guess you can say, it’s all part of “The Dash.”  Although I’d like to think that it’s also a part of connecting ~ connecting with nature, connecting with friends, connecting with other souls and connecting with ourselves.

Do you have memories that you can immediately tap into to give you that ‘feel good’ feeling?  Do you have moments where you can feel the sun’s warmth, remember the laughter and the good feelings and have that exact moment come rushing to you even though the experience is long past?  Do you have a photos of them like I do or are they immortalized in your memory bank?  When you need a pick me up, can you find them so that you get that smile rush?  Or are they buried under heaps of daily to do lists, chores and such?

Please share as I’d love to hear what your happy Spring memory is!

Post a photo if you wish ~ isn’t it time we all saw each other?

Shine On!


P.S.  This one also goes for Michelle’s Weekly Pet Photo Challenge!  Click here for more info!



20 thoughts on “Reach Out and Lick Someone!

  1. That is such a great picture!!! Spring memories are fabulous and I think the first robin sighting has to be my favorite spring memory that keeps renewing itself each and every year!

  2. Thanks for the lovely entry. Labs are so loveable 🙂 I’m trying out a links widget, could you please add your link to the widget at the bottom of my latest pet challenge post 🙂 ❤

  3. I love the photo. It brings a smile to my face when I see the obvious joy you are both experiencing. It is also great to put a face along with a name. It is nice to know what my dear friend Misifusa looks like.

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