What are you doing with your sadness?


How many times have these words crossed your your mind or been uttered by your lips?  How many times have you felt that life’s circumstances have treated you unfairly?  And what did you do about it?  Or better yet, what are you doing about it?  Are you wallowing in a heap of self-pity pooled with tears and ‘why me’s?’  Or have you dissolved into anger and resentment?  Perhaps you have evolved into a place where you can see that circumstances occur, it is what it is and you’ve moved on?

What are you doing with your sadness?

Death, illness, poverty, depression, lack of love, crimes, and violence can all bring sadness into our lives.  At times, these circumstances can feel as though they are breaking our souls and tempt our resolves to live our lives to their fullest potential.  They change us in ways in which we cannot imagine.  They are paths which we take which are many times not how we’d imagined our lives to be.  But the one thing for certain is this:  we have choices throughout these paths and we are not alone.  It is in these periods of time that we have choices which can change our lives.  By reaching out of our comfort zones we can connect with others to help heal ourselves.  We can take on the fighting spirit which lies within us, that strength that you possibly never knew you had inside at your disposal when needed, and reach out of our troubles in order to heal ourselves.  It is never an easy task, but nor is is insurmountable.  It takes time, it takes patience.  It takes a willingness to expose the grief and to forgive, to find a new normal for ourselves and to pick ourselves up and to find the Presents in Presence.

I’ve wasted time myself.  Wasted precious moments in anger, resentment, sadness and stony unforgiveness.  I’ve wallowed in self-pity, berated myself for the cancer which broke my body, my spirit, my self-esteem and even my will to live.  I’ve grieved over the passing of loved ones, harboring in my shell of grief, shouldering the sadness of the world around me.  I have forgotten that little light of a soul inside of me who only wishes to be raised up to sparkle.  I have lost sight of my spirit inside of me and I forgotten that this is a journey of spirit and not of humanness as much.  I disconnected from my purpose and I turned my back on the experiences which have brought me to this moment of light.  I allowed the darkness to invade for a bit.  Luckily, my connections wouldn’t allow me to give up on my purpose nor my energy to inspire and I was given help to ignite that passionate loving, healing spirit to shine in my life.  Just as my light began to fade indeed, I was brought back to the beauty in life and I am forever grateful.

And this is why I tell you, I am your biggest fan.  We all need a hand to hold onto and another spirit to walk with us.  We require that connection in order to leapfrog with each other and to help pull ourselves out of the darkness when it happens.  And it does happen.  Life is not without strife sometimes, but it’s what you do with that sadness that counts.  Sure, the DASH is important, but it’s the Presents in Presence that marks the days, the years, the life that you live for as long as you are blessed to be here.

What do you create out of your sadness?  Where to do allow it to take you or do you lead?

For you see, none of us get out of this life alive and we’ve all been asked what are we doing with our lives.  We’ve heard about the dash ~ you know what that is, right?  The DASH between your birth year and your death year and what counts is what you do with that time.  But it’s the moments, the now, that I’m interested in because as we build on these nows, we build the important dash.  We choose to see the light, be a part of the light and we choose to shine and sparkle our own brand of light into the world.

You are never left without a choice.  Use it wisely.  If you chose darkness, you can still choose light now.  That’s how easy it is.  You can find your way out of that sadness.  You can choose to for a moment, now, to smile, even if you don’t feel much like doing it.  Let’s try it now.  Please?  For me?

Shine On!


19 thoughts on “What are you doing with your sadness?

  1. So true. We experience and grow from the all of our experiences, and then our happiness comes from our decision to be happy! Your words just always ring true!

  2. What a beautiful post Yvonne!! It has something rather angelic over it! When I am sad I seek comfort, from someone else or from the angels or any other spirit guide. And if I feel that I am about to fall into sadness I go out and do something for others. I mean, if I feel that life is sad, then I think about all the people I can help, people who need me to be there for them, and then my energy is restored and I feel happy and full of joy and purpose. I mean. how can I be sad if I see a little child smile and I know that I am the one who made the child smile? 🙂 Yvonne, you are great!!

  3. Hadn’t thought to ask myself this question, but it’s a good one. Fact of the matter is, I haven’t felt terribly sad recently. Now that’s a blessing, isn’t it?! But you are SO right–we all get to choose. Thanks so much for the gentle encouragement, my friend. Merry Monday to you!

    Hugs from Ecuador,

    • Happy to hear you are happy! 🙂 I am usually happy myself. It’s a choice to be happy I think, even when it’s hard to see the good. It’s there. Merry Monday to you! Thanks for stopping by! Love to see your smiling face! ♥

  4. One of the many things I love about you Yvonne is your spirit and how it illuminates the path for all of us to shine on! 🙂 When my book was published in 2006 and I was asked to autograph it, I always signed it, Shine on! I love how we are so in sync. May we always choose Love. Hugs

  5. I love this post, Misifusa. It tackles important feelings, challenges, and choices that we are all faced with at various times in our lives. Thank you for the excellent information, insights, and reminders.

    • Russ, I appreciate your comments, your kindness and your visit. I’m honored that you loved the post. I wasn’t sure if I should hit POST and then I decided that I would share for certainly we’ve all felt that way at one time or another. ♥ Hope you are feeling well.

  6. Love this post ! It is always a pleasure reading your blog. You bring a smile to my whole being. Peace, love, blessings. Tammy

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