See the World With Loving Eyes


He can call me a flower if he wants to!

This morning inspired by the first of Spring and by Tommia’s Tablet  I went in search of one of my favorite scenes in Bambi.  Do you recall this one?  If not, the scene is below and takes under a minute to guarantee you a smile this lovely morning.  It’s one of my favorites because I just adore Thumper and his giggly antics.  I also love the interplay between all 3 characters and how darling Bambi calls a skunk Pretty Flower…

Pretty Flower ~ how special to see others with a loving eye, don’t you think ~ to disregard labels and to just see them for who they are?  Of course, we know he’s a skunk, but the connotation of a stinky skunk is not relevant when we ‘see’ a pretty flower.

Imagine seeing everyone with loving eyes today.  It’s the first day of Spring! 

You can call everyone flower today!

Shine On!


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