Does Time Heal?



“It has been said, ‘time heals all wounds.’ I do not agree. The wounds remain. In time, the mind, protecting its sanity, covers them with scar tissue and the pain lessens. But it is never gone.”
― Rose Kennedy

How’s this for a quote?  I liked it at first I must admit.  But then, as I allowed the words to sink in and thought of my own wounds from living more than 40 years, enduring breast cancer and losing loved ones, I felt like it was a bit controversial too.  Perhaps I am being over-sensitive today.

What do you think?

Does it depend on the wounds ~ the type, the severity, the age?  Or is it an all-encompassing a wound, is a wound, is a wound?  Or does it depend upon the person who is wounded?

I have wounds, scars which train track across my body.  Scars from breast cancer surgeries, from pregnancy, from life.  The physical ones that you can see if I were to show you.  I have pains from those scars and surgeries that never quite go away.  A dull throb that even though I am aware of every minute of everyday, I have gotten used to ~ the pains have lessened but have never gone away.

I have mental and emotional scars as well.  I think we all do.  I’ve found that in forgiving, I am given peace in my life, in my spirit, in myself.  That was a gift to me.

It’s kind of like the sadness which can permeate life.  I’m sad for all that I have lost, but again, the pain has lessened, but it has never gone away.  I do my best to keep it in check and I believe I overcome it most days.  Gratitude for the blessings in life helps immensely.  Accepting and transitioning to the new normal after a tragedy helps this process as well.

But it’s never fully gone.  It can be a gentle reminder or it can be a gaping hole in your life.  You choose how you deal with your own wounds.  It’s one of the perks of being you.  You can allow the wound to fester, to infect and to override any happiness in your life.  Or you can allow it to settle into your being, a gentle or not so gentle reminder of what you’ve endured, the power that you have within you, that inner strength that has led you to continue on living this life.

We all have challenges.  We all carry wounds.  We can allow those wounds to barricade ourselves into a caged life of loneliness, fear and sadness or we can reach out beyond our wounds to connect with others, to understand that simple connection of life and to grow with it, to turn the wound into a positive, into a way of digging deeper in to our soul’s purpose and to align ourselves with love.

It’s up to you.

You are not your wounds.  YOU are deeper than the wounds you’ve suffered. 


Shine On!


38 thoughts on “Does Time Heal?

  1. Great post, as always. I had to read that quote a few times and let it sink in, too. I think you got it right with your last words—-You are deeper than the wounds you’ve suffered. Unfortunately not every one seems to be able to get to that point.

  2. Life itself changes us mentally and physically. We are always “becoming,” and what we are becoming is made up of our experiences. We incorporate everything into who we are. People deal with things differently but we can’t forget or erase anything that we experience. Joy, delight, happiness, sorrow, trauma, etc., it’s all part of us, in one way or another. And that’s okay, that’s what life is…the accumulation of experiences. Things may fade with the years but nothing goes away. When we experience something, it changes us and that change becomes part of us and it stays with us forever because it is part of who we have become. At least that’s what I think.

  3. In a medical sense when we heal from something “it goes away.” When I cut my finger, it hurts, it heals, and I pretty much forget about the pain. When we suffer a permanent loss (Death)— I don’t think we ever heal in the traditional sense, but in time we accept that our very being has shifted and life is very different for us. In time, we realize (with grace) that we can include the wound as a part of who we are and still move forward in our lives. Time (I think) helps us moving forward and accept the challenge of a life that now includes unbearable grief and happiness.
    Thought provoking post 😀

  4. Does time heal all wounds….? I am not sure, I don’t quite think so, I mean what is time, time is an illusion right? All there is is just change, that is what we define as time. And change will always be there, at least in this life, so how do we change? Are we simply passive passengers letting change happen to us, or do we actively take part in the journey, adjusting our sails to the changing winds to reach our destination? What I mean to say is, healing is a process of change, going from worse to better, I think for this process to be complete, we have to take an active part in it, not just wait for it to happen to us. But those are just my thoughts. 🙂

    • I agree with your thoughts Line and I love how you put them ~ beautifully explained my friend. We are all in charge of our lives and how they change. We ‘steer’ the sails so to speak, even when the wind changes our course. ♥

  5. I agree, time heals but it will never go away completely. We have our wounds and they count towards our experience of life, we might therefore see our life differently, change our ways, but we will never forget them totally. Have a beautiful day!

  6. “…You choose how you deal with your own wounds. It’s one of the perks of being you..” succinctly summarizes the tight rope walk I feel like I’m doing most days. As always, your insights are spot on.

  7. Wow. Always inspiring. Truly. My wounds.. I have a tenderness.. in these places.. that I am thankful for somehow.. even though it is really painful at times.. But I really like where I am, having connected with my I wouldn’t trade it all in to remove the scars.
    Much love.

  8. I think that wounds fade with time but are never totally gone… The brain has a way of protecting us with time but never eradicate.. My mum used to say that the things that hurt you are what makes you as a person…

  9. This little post popped up under the one I wrote today..and I thought of you…
    There are places that are tender
    because my heart has been broken
    and places I wouldn’t otherwise
    have known –
    because it has been
    put back together.
    I still have tender places…Maybe that’s okay…
    Maybe that’s okay 🙂
    Much love..and happy birthday to hubby too.

  10. Time itself doesn’t provide healing, but it provides distance, both emotional and psyhological. If we keep rubbing our wounds, no time would heal anything, but if we accept layers of time and let them cover the wounds like a bandage, than yes. But! Before the bandage goes on, the wound must be washed and cleared…We have to bring everything causing the wound to the surface and forgive others and ourselves. No covering will heal dirty wound.

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