Discover Your Path to an Extraordinary Life


“Discover who you truly are and fully give every aspect  of your uniqueness to the world. This is your path to an extraordinary life.” -Unknown

So perhaps you don’t know “whats-the-bottom-line” for you  and that’s fine.  Each of us has our own purpose and we find it in our own time.  But how do you begin to discover your path?  You must acknowledge what you are good at, what makes you unique and what you enjoy!  What do you excel at?  What comes naturally to you?  What brings you joy ~ so much joy that you lose time when you’re doing it?  What doesn’t feel like a job to you?

That’s the beginning to the path of your extraordinary life!

But it’s sometimes hard to figure out.  One suggestion is to ask a trusted friend what they see in us ~ what can they say is our strength, our uniqueness?  Connecting with another person in this exercise may be really eye-opening to you.  Once, when I asked a friend, she told me she thought it was my breast cancer.   I countered that many women have breast cancer and she told me that through my disease, I learned how much inner strength I truly had and I also expanded my innate willingness to help others who are enduring life’s struggles like I did ~ which is a part of what makes me unique.  I must tell you it gave me insight, as I felt like I was  simply connecting with you!  Who knew that enduring my disease could somehow help others!

You deserve to live an extraordinary life my friends.  It’s time.  Today, here. now. 

Let’s get started on the path of your extraordinary life!

Tell me about you, what’s your uniqueness?

Shine On!


15 thoughts on “Discover Your Path to an Extraordinary Life

  1. You use daily, beautiful inspirations to remind so many of us to find our inner Light which is making a huge difference in this world! Thank you!!!

  2. Well, yes, I have to say I think I am pretty unique 🙂 At least I am quite different. I think the best thing in me is my love of happiness, I think that is a real strength, that even through the toughest of times I find joy and happiness, because I know that it comes from within and is not dependent on any outer circumstances. I think actually that which I was told was a weakness, my sensitivity and my free expression of emotions, is also a strength. I mean I easily cry and seek comfort, I easily get hurt, but I don’t try to hide it or deny those feelings, I acknowledge them, give them time to heal and then let them go. I have many times been told that I am weak since I cry so easily and since I like to be comforted and held when I am sad, I used to believe that it was weakness, but I think that it is not. I have seen so many people hiding their emotions and then letting them (unconsciously) turn into anger, depression, anxiety, etc. So many people hide what they feel and who they are their entire life, to me that is just sad. So I am happy being myself, I think that is the only way to be 🙂
    Thank you for this lovely and inspiring post!! I think everything about you Yvonne is unique and special, and you are an inspiration to many, not only those who have suffered through cancer. You certainly are an inspiration in my life!! 🙂 So thank you for being your wonderful self! 🙂

    • Line, I just knew you would be the first to see this post and I was hoping to hear from you. You certainly don’t disappoint! xo I believe you are right. Happy people who find freedom in their feelings are such a blessing in this world. Thanks for being YOU Line! You always brighten my day just by being your special self! xo

  3. We must be in sync Yvonne because my post today is along the same lines! Love this. thank you for the beautiful reminder to celebrate my uniqueness and the uniqueness of everyone I meet! Hugs

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