Monday’s Blessings of Love

56475558_May the blessings of love be upon you. May its peace abide with you. May its essence illuminate your heart, now and forever more. -Sufi Blessing

This is my wish for you, today and everyday!  May you see the week ahead with loving eyes.  Send a ‘blast of love’ ahead in all you do so that all goes well for you!

Holding hands with you!

Shine On!


16 thoughts on “Monday’s Blessings of Love

  1. Thank you so much!! What a lovely wish and blessing from you!! I send it all right back to you! May your days be joyful, your nights peaceful and may your happiness grow with every step you take into life 🙂 Happy Monday! 🙂

  2. Yes, I did, I thought I replied as well. Well anyway, thank you so much for showing me those sites! I think perhaps I will make a book one day! I live in India though, so I am not sure about the shipping expenses…….I don’t own much of material goods 🙂 So I have to see what I can do now, but thank you so much for showing me!! I definitely would love to make a book 🙂 And I am so grateful that you shared those links with me! 🙂

  3. How beautiful you are, dear heart. This amazing image perfectly captures that incredible Sufi wisdom. Your loving hand is felt and strengthens my shining love this day. You are a blessing!

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