Pass the Time with Love


Thank you to all of you for your kind messages yesterday.  I’m waiting on the answer as to what happens next and if the cancer has returned.  I was retested yesterday so now I just hunker down to wait and see.  Yesterday I comforted me.  I took the time to pamper myself and to allow the feelings to surface that needed to be felt.  I allowed a bit of fears and tears to be shed so that I could greet my family with calming love and joy when they got home from school and work.  But before they arrived, I took some needed ‘me time.’

What’s your ME time?  Do you take some important time for yourself?  What do you do for you to rejuvenate your soul?

I relaxed in the quiet of my home, with my trusty kitty nearby.  Funny how she never left my side yesterday.  Perhaps on some soul to soul level, she understood that I needed a bit more fur therapy than usual ~ that I needed some quiet time to contemplate and to relax.  She snoozed on the couch with me as I rested.  I tried to meditate, but you may remember how my monkey mind acts up when I try.  If not, click here for a giggle.   So I closed my eyes and asked my angels to help me to rest and to heal.  I sent loving thoughts to my body, I thought of healing love spreading its sparkling light from my head to my toes.  I imagined a healing light from Heaven embracing me as I tried to relax and let go of all the worry in my brain.  I imagined cleansing my cells free from toxins and spreading light throughout them.  ‘The Presents in Presence’ was my mantra.  I embraced myself, with faults and all, and thanked my body, brain and heart for all that it has given to me.  I restored peace within my soul, asking forgiveness and allowing forgiveness into my heart.  I fell asleep for awhile.

Do you believe in angels?

A little bit of comfort food for the physical body, fur therapy for the heart (because her purrs reverberate directly to my cells) and lots of loving messages from you and my trusty friends and family who know what’s going on and voila- I was ready for my little family to arrive home to a calm Mom and not the crying jagged woman who inhabited the house only a few hours ago.  It’s amazing what we can do in an instant, isn’t it?  We can change directions when we have to, because we have to, as easily as changing lanes while driving sometimes.  I only need to know that my sons are coming home and I don’t want them to know anything that I can right myself, remove any remnants of tear-stained tissues and comfort food evidence in order to greet them with the smiles, the loving embraces and the full-on attention that they deserve when they come home.  There’s no need for them to have any clue as to what is going on before there is a definite answer.  It’s not that I ever hid my cancer from them because I have never done that.  They have known as much as needed, when needed and I stand behind our decisions with that (hubby and mine) ~ we’re a team.

But it’s a wait to worry scenario here.  Sure, I was worrying plenty while they were out of the house, but then, I was back to calm Mom until bedtime when I could relax with hubby and gain some strength from him as well.  Today is another day, brighter and with dawn comes possibility and more love, more gratitude and maybe even an answer if I’m lucky.

So enjoy your day, wherever you may roam.  Smile at strangers, hold hands with loved ones and be kind to yourself and to each other.  We are all connected.  We are all here together on this journey called life.  And it is, with love, that I send my heartfelt gratitude to you for connecting with me.

Shine On!


43 thoughts on “Pass the Time with Love

  1. First I want to apologize that I have fallen behind on my reading. I’m sorry that you have to wait now, but I’m sending healing thoughts your way and virtual support. Be good to yourself. Thank you for the reminder that we all need to give ourselves time and patience and love. I needed that today.

  2. Hmmm, what do I do for me-time…? Right now I have so much me-time, that I feel like I don’t really need it. I miss working with children and teenage girls, they filled me with such joy that it almost felt like me-time. But if I have had a lot of things to do that I don’t like ( for example any type of housework) then I reward myself with chocolate and tea, or if I am really naughty, a glass of wine 🙂 When I need inspiration, or if I want to create a creative space at home, I light lots of little candles, burn some incense, put on my favorite music like Loreena McKennitt, Secret Garden, or Anuna really loud, make myself a cup of tea, dim the lights and find my favorite poems to ponder over 🙂 It always works for me 🙂 I am so happy to hear that your are being kind to yourself, that you let yourself feel the negative emotions without letting them take control, and that you seek comfort, in your angels, your husband and yourself! Your are super-strong and someone for all of us to look up to! I admire you!! Lots and lots of love to you! I am sending you some angel-hugs today as well:-)

    • Love your angel hugs Line…thank you so much for everything. I look forward to hearing whatever the answer is so that I can move along with my life but for now, I am just grateful to be feeling so much love and kindness. xo I like wine and chocolate too! 🙂

  3. Sending you all good thoughts and positive vibes, and wishing for you all the wonderful things you wish for yourself! In stressful times (including twice waiting for biopsies, and as you know the first was not good news) I adopt the mantra “either way, I will be OK” to remember that I am still in control of how I respond to those things that are out of my control. Like the “cowardly” lion, you already have everything you need right inside your heart and your head. XOXOXO

  4. I want you to know that I am with you in spirit my friend! May you continue to be happy and well, and I believe this set back will be only temporary for you in your movement forward in creating this meaningful life you have come to share with us all! Take care and remember that your car is a healer too!
    Peace, love, light and blessings to you! Your cyber friend! “White Eagle”

  5. Wherever you find yourself today, remember there is always calm.. No need to stop the monkey mind.. just find a little whisper underneath.. that is ok no matter what.. not sick or well…that feels like my little posts. Sending much love and strength.
    (When I was pregnant they did tests and told me something could be wrong with my little one.. like really wrong.. that she might die after she was born. I worried my whole pregnancy. She was fine, but I was so exhausted when she was born, I told my husband to take care of her for a minute so I could breathe.)

  6. I am impressed with your strenght to manage to relax… I will try myself this meditation as I am waiting for my check-up – nothing as serious as yours. And I am also grateful that I found this post right now, right when I need it. I layed down but couldn’t sleep so I got on WP. And you commented and I got here. My cat is not leaving my side for two days now – that’s how long I’ve been resting and getting my strenght and calm. She goes to eat and comes back. Animals really do know. 🙂 Do I belive in angels? Well how else did I got here at the time I needed it? 😀 It can all be a coincidance, but I do belive in angels but not in a form that they are with us all the time, they are here when we need them. ) Rest, everything is going to be alright. I can see Belinda is already here, so you’re set with hugs. 😉

    • Isn’t it truly amazing the coincidences that occur in our lives? I pray your check up results are great and that your resting, relaxing and rejuvenating brings peace within you. Yes, our dear Belinda is here ~ what a joyous blessed community we are! I am grateful. ♥

      • Me too. And the most important thing about it is the positivity you all share, I need us to stay enlightnet – don’t know if I spelled right, in order to remain on the surface not to be drowned by situation. I’m sending love and peace your way thank u for prayers…

  7. And what do I do for me time? Depends. If I need rest I rest, if I need entertaiment I watch movies or play games, if I need the nature I go in nature, for a walk or anything. If I feel stressed I talk to someone, if I need inspiration I found it on the internet mostly or lay down and let the ideas grow. Depends. Depends what kind of me time I need. 🙂

  8. I do think it’s all about balance. You need to cry. You need to vent. You also need to (try) to put it aside and stay present with your family and friends (and kitty) and enjoy the love. The tricky part, I believe, is keeping it all in balance and not let the bad stuff overwhelm the good stuff. A new day dawning is always a great help, especially after a long night. (night can be the worst …. those wakeful, lonely, dark hours). I hope you are a good sleeper and you can avoid those bleak nighttime monkey-thought hours. Thinking of you… and sending all positive thoughts your way. xxoo

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