Have You Ever Been to Heaven?


More than 20 years ago, I dreamt of Heaven and I have lived to tell the tale.  The dream is as vivid as it was when I awoke that morning in my parents’ house.  I remember coming downstairs to the kitchen to talk with my Mom and I remember telling her the story that I had just been to Heaven in my dream.

I don’t recall how or why I was in Heaven, but I clearly recall what it looked like ~ it was a field of tulips, surrounded by the most brilliant light I’ve ever seen.  There was an ethereal haze to the encounter as I was walking on a path similar to the photo above but there seemed to be a fluffy cloud floor instead of dirt.  As far as my eye could see, the ground was blanketed with these amazing colorful tulips.  Although the light emenated everywhere, I started to walk towards what I believed to be the light’s center, a most magical core of light which beamed out from the end of the path.

The light enveloped me and everything around me.  It was as clear as day, but in a warm glow of daylight unlike any I’ve ever experienced here on Earth.  It was warm, perfect temperature as I walked (or glided) along the nebulous path.  I was completely at peace and not in any hurry.  I remember feeling like I was seeing everything all at once without having to turn my head from side to side to see each part of the fields of tulips.  I felt love surrounding me.  I felt peace within my soul like I’ve never felt before nor since.  I felt happiness right to my core, to my soul.  It wasn’t that ebullient happiness which gurgles up inside when you are giddy.  No, this was a peacefilled happiness which seems to emanate from everywhere all at once, including from me as I felt at one with everyone and everything around me.

I felt there were others on this path with me, but I couldn’t see them nor could I communicate with them.  We were just gliding on our own paths of our own makings, but we were connected through this amazing loving embrace which powerfully surrounded us all.  I felt like I was indeed love and love was indeed me.

I don’t know how long my dream lasted.  I can only tell you that when I awoke, I had yet to arrive at the center of the light.  But the peacefulness which surrounded my soul and became my soul is unlike any experience I’ve had in my life.  I can still conjure up those feelings when I am quiet and at peace in my life.  I have not experienced the dream again.  But it is a memory which I hold dearly in my heart, every day of my life.

Have you ever experienced anything like this?  Have you been to Heaven?

Shine On!



Daily Prompt: Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)

What is the best dream you’ve ever had? Recount it for us in all its ethereal glory. If no dream stands out in your memory, recount your worst nightmare. Leave no frightening detail out.

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29 thoughts on “Have You Ever Been to Heaven?

  1. What a beautiful and special dream! That is truly amazing! You must be a very special soul to have been given this insight into heaven. As for dreams about heaven, I have not had dreams, but I have had spiritual experiences in waking state. Some of them have been really powerful, and I think I should not use the space on your blog to tell you about them. But I had one experience once that was quite special. I am a vegetarian and I love animals. Once I was staying with a friend in Ireland, she was living in the courtyard of a castle, and while I was staying there, there was a hunt going on. They were hunting pheasants. I felt so depressed and hurt that they were going to shoot those beautiful birds so I meditated on calling them to me, spreading a shield around them. The hunters were not allowed to get too close to my friend’s house, and the day after I had done the meditation all the birds had gathered right outside in my friend’s garden 😀 I was so happy and so was my friend! The hunters had their worst hunt in 10 years! Hihihihiihhihi!! ;-D

  2. I’ve never had the good fortune to visit heaven in the manner you describe, but I have had two visits from long lost loved ones that were surreal in their own way. The memories of those encounters still live with me to this day as if they happened just last week and although I miss these two individuals greatly, I know they are happy and peaceful exactly where they are … And exactly where you describe. I loved your post and your imagery used, thank you …

  3. What an amazing dream. I had a similar dream several years ago. My dream mostly involved light–everything around me glowing as if illuminated from the inside. It was incredible. Wish I would have that dream again.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  4. We share similar dreams, or in my life it was my reality! Heaven is a wonderful place and I am certainly glad to have had my own personal preview and one more from you in the sharing of your dream! Peace, love, light and blessings my friend as we move forward here on Mother Earth toward the light! “White Eagle” Create a wonderful day!

  5. ” I felt love surrounding me. I felt peace within my soul… …we were connected through this amazing loving embrace which powerfully surrounded us all. I felt like I was indeed love and love was indeed me.” Yup, that sure sounds like heaven to me. May you experience many more such feelings, my friend!


  6. How beautiful, and how wonderful that special dream remains so vivid for you. You are spreading the very light and peace you touched all those years ago, the light and peace that you continue to hold within you. Thank you!

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  12. I too had an experiance like this.
    The night after my sisters ,what would have been 21st birthday. My family and were at the beach having a bonfire. We were sharing memories of my silly sister and I saw a shooting star. I wished with all my heart to dream of my sister and dance with her, because I knew she would be dancing the night away.
    The next morning I was awaken by my dog at 430. I was super sad because I had not had the dream I wished for. Not even a minute after that thought, I was asleep.
    I found myself walking and waiting in an area that can only be best described as clouds. The floor was white and it looked misty, but around it looked the same, but not to the point where I couldn’t see my hand in front of me. I could hear voices around me, but I couldn’t see anyone. I knew there were people around, but just not visible tome.
    I was looking forward, and walking towards me was my beautiful sister.
    I had always imagined her with long hair in heaven and when I dreamed of her, she was bald from the chemo. But there she had her very short curly hair. She was absolutely glowing and beautiful.
    With her she was carrying a puppy. I believe that was meant for my mom (who’s puppy passed a few weeks before).
    I was absolutely amazed that my wish was coming true. I had told her about my wish. Until I realized I hadn’t even held her yet! At that moment, I swooped her off her feet and into my arms and spin her around, holding her tight. At that moment she laughed. And at that moment I knew it was her!!!! It really was her.
    I knew it was her because other laugh. When someone passes, you constantly try to remember certain things, like their laughter or the way they spoke, but your memory never gets it quit right. But the moment she laughed in my arms,I knew that that was her exact laugh.
    I held her crying and told her how michigan missed her and that I loved her so very much! She told me that she missed me and loved me too. And even the sound of her voice was spot on.
    I then heard a song playing and told her i wanted to dance with her for her birthday. I grabbed her hands. Then realized the song was almost over, so I told her I wanted to wait for the next song because I wanted to dance a full song. Just just laughed at me and said ok.
    Just then, someone from behind me on my left, spoke to her. I didn’t hear what they said, she did respond. She was smiling and said, “yes, okay!” She then looked at me with her big beautiful smile and I looked at her…..then I awoke.
    I didn’t get to have my dance with her,but being able to hold her and hear her laughter and voice was worth more than anything I can imagine. I’m hoping sheis saving the dance for another visit. Until then, I’ll be wishing. 🙂

    Thank you all for sharing!
    This was an experiance I will hold dear to my heart and never forget!
    I thank God for allowing me to visit with my sister!
    God bless you all!

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