Caturday Ritual


I don’t know who coined the phrase Caturday, but I like it!  It makes me think of my dear little girl with whom I share a special morning ritual.  Every morning, I am given the gift of presence by the American Bobtail above who insists on it.  How you may ask?  After I get my coffee and she her wet food, we relax in a few moments of silence, each taking in the morning’s peacefulness as we savor the taste of our favorite morning sustenance.

Then she comes over to tell me that it’s time.  She meows quite plaintively until I put down my coffee and pay attention to her.  I pick her up, cradle her in my lap, nestled in a blanket.  She insists that she is held baby-like, face up   Once in position, she stops meowing and snuggles down in the blanket on my lap.  Her eyes close with an audible sigh and the purring begins.


Smiling down on her blissful face, I begin to pet her and in turn, her purring reverberates into my body.  It is a sensitive moment of tenderness between two souls.  A bit of fur therapy for me as I stroke her chin, feeling the soft fur under my hand.  This ritual stops my mind from it’s constant chatter as I concentrate on the moment, the peace, the presence that this moment brings to us both before the flurry of the day begins in our house.

As a cancer survivor (or not), it’s important to find these small pockets of presence in our day, to relax, to reconnect with ourselves and to just be peaceful.  There’s something to be said about the healing properties of a purring cat that I personally find quite soothing.  Lucky for me, even when I feel rushed in the mornings, Tiffy does not allow our ritual to be forgotten and therefore she gives me what I need ~ peace, love and understanding ~ for myself and for others.

Do you have a special way of connecting with the Presents of Presence?

Shine On!


P.S.  I think this one works for Michelle’s Pet Challenge as well!  Make sure you pop over to see her over at Hope the Happy Hugger!

31 thoughts on “Caturday Ritual

  1. I LOVE this! While none of my kitties will tolerate being held like a baby, they each have their own way of getting close to me. Sometimes walking on my head when I’m trying to sleep, and sometimes sweet things like wanting all their paws to be touching me when they are falling asleep (as they are constantly doing!). I think it’s funny when people say cats aren’t affectionate-every kitty I’ve ever had was warm and affectionate in his or her own way. I can’t imagine life without them!

  2. Aww….you’ve a cat who knows how to be loved…hehe…

    As Kerby is much smaller when compared to his siblings, his size is just like a new born baby even he is already a ‘middle-age’ dog…so I always love carrying him in that position…just like a baby (that bites…LOL)…

  3. Your cat is beautiful and I am enjoying surfing through your blog. 😀 I also participated in two of Michelle’s Weekly Pet Challenges and have my mind on the third… So, when I see so much connection it makes me warm inside 😀 Since I don’t follow many bloggers it is strange to surf and find two of them (so far) on your blog… 🙂

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