Visited By an Angel?


I had a strange experience Valentine’s night.  I don’t know whether I was half asleep or dreaming.  I felt that I was encased in a metal armor like in medieval times even though I couldn’t see it.  I remember looking down at my body, but it looked the same as it always does with nothing more on it than my pajamas as I was in bed.  Then, as if spiritual hands were laid upon me, the metal plates unbuttoned themselves from my shoulders one at a time.  I felt myself get lighter inside as the weights that were plaguing me were lifted.  I felt each one as it was unbuttoned and lifted away, often revealing another underneath that I wasn’t even aware of in the first place.  Layers were unbuttoned from my shoulders down to my toes.  In my mind’s eye, I could see the metal vestments, but in reality they were invisible.  When they were all finally removed, I was left with my physical body as I see it daily in the mirror, but without the weight.

All at once, I felt my spirit lift from my body and stand by the bed, even though I was still in bed.  In my mind’s eye, I saw her, dressed in a pale blue shift.  I could not see her face, but only saw her figure which was almost ethereal.  I remember feeling peaceful as if I was watching something so special from afar and I didn’t want to break the spell of what was happening so I simply flowed with the experience.

Suddenly, I felt something start to poke my shoulder blades.  It didn’t hurt exactly, but it did feel like my shoulder blades were trying to burst open and sprout wings.  Yes, angel wings!  I looked at the figure by my bed and I watched as she grew beautiful wings from her back.  It was so ethereal that my words fail to tell you how utterly blissful it was for me to watch.  But I did watch and I did feel the wings simultaneously sprout from her back and mine as well.

I remember questioning the experience ~ could we both be growing wings at the same time?  What does this mean?  Am I dreaming?  And as those words began to form in my head, immediately I woke up and opened my eyes to see what was going on.  But there was nothing there.  No angelic being by my bed even though I was almost sure I’d see her as the dream was so fresh in my memory and so realistic.  Was it a daydream?  A dream?  A gift from Spirit/God/Universe/Inner Spirit?  Was I truly visited by an angel?

Has this ever happened to you?  It feels so real to me.  I’ve never had such an experience before ~ but if you have, please share!

Shine On!


46 thoughts on “Visited By an Angel?

  1. Oh, of course it must be real! I think she was your guardian angel, and maybe she was trying to tell you that your purpose is to be an earth angel, she was lifting the weight of the suffering of this earthly life off of your body and instead giving you wings of divine love to carry you through. I’ve had many spiritual experineces in sleeping and waking state, and they are so powerful and mysterious. This is a blessing. You are really lucky to have been visitied by an angel like this. And I think it is pretty typical that you don’t get to see the face of these spiritual beings, the same happens to me. I can only ‘see’ the beautiful pink light of my angel 🙂 This is a truly beautiful experinece! I am so glad you shared it!

    • Oh Line, thank you for your confirmation. I do believe that I was visited but I simply am not sure why. Of course, I feel blessed and thankful for the experience. I hesitated in sharing it, but then I figured that it was Sunday and those who will read it are the ones who will understand. ♥

      • I think it is beautiful that you shared it beacuse then maybe other people who have had similar experiences will also feel brave enough to open up and share their experience 🙂 I think you will soon find out why you were visited by this angel 🙂

  2. I am so happy for you. Wow! To have such a blessing. Don’t question it….live in the honesty, drink up the beautiful glow that has been bestowed upon you. I believe you have been touched by an angel and you will touch others! Blessitude! Lorrie

  3. I think of the layers of metal being unbuttoned and lifted as symbolic messages from spirit. My feelings are it is your words that help unburden so many others with the honest posts. Spirit is letting you know they are happy with what you are doing. I would also say be very observant of what is happening around you at the moment because things may start to change in your life with a divine blessing. Beautiful dream for a beautiful soul. Blessings.

  4. I do think it was your guardian angel. Keep helping people with your beautiful posts and listen to the messages that you are getting in your dreams. You can do more goods with them. Blessings!

  5. I believe it was a sign that all of the spiritual inner work you have been doing will now be brought to fruition in your life. You have released the layers of emotional strife that binds you and are now free to become all that YOU are meant to be…in your most beautiful, illuminating form! God bless!!! Xo

  6. That is so wonderful. Only had that happen once several years ago and still remember it clearly. It was a turning point and things got so much better after that. I agree with the others that you are not bogged down now and free. Thanks for sharing ♥

  7. I have had some subte experiences while awake. I don’t over-think or try to figure out too much. I am remembering more of these now while I am putting together my writing and experiences for my little book. I trust what the message is to me even if it seems a little unbelievable. 🙂 It reminds me that we are more than what we see and can understand by thinking.
    Much love –

  8. An amazing post. I had a similar experience many years ago during a particularly stressful time. I was sleeping, and awoke in the middle of the night when my brother decided to visit me after he had died tragically about 15 years before. His visit was extremely calming for me, and the vividness of that dream stays with me to this day. Thanks for sharing this with all of us …

  9. Kind souls attract the attention of angels…perhaps this is the angel that you’ve thought you had lost during Christmas??

    Feel happy to read this post! Happy Monday, my friend! Cheers~ 😀

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