The Light of Unity

6012085_“So powerful is the light of unity

that it can illuminate the whole earth.” – Baha’u’llah

Are you tired of your dragon, your darkness, your despair?  Do you long to stay focused on the light, on the positivity and on connecting with yourself and others?  Are you willing to take the baby steps in order to expand the light of hope, of happiness and of a life with less dark dragons?

The key to slaying those dragons is within you.

That widget I spoke about here  is possible, right here, right now.  There’s no waiting for it to be developed.  It can start developing now within you and it can grow as fast as you wish it to grow.  It is up to you.  Perseverance, kindness and stamina are needed for it to blossom.  It requires hand-holding, unity and light building.  Connections within yourself and with others may be formed.  Dragon strength lessens as lessons are achieved.

Do you wish for more light in your world?

You’ll know you’re ready when the above quote makes you smile ~ when you can simply imagine the whole world basked in light illuminated by the souls who dwell here.  Do you wish to be a part of that light?  I know I do.

Imagine ourselves shining on and uniting our lights!  We can do it!  Come on, take my hand!

Shine On!


14 thoughts on “The Light of Unity

  1. What a wonderful message about hope and resilience! There is such peace and promise in that picture….sure makes me smile!!! Xo

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