Super Bowl Love in the Year of the Horse

14876_Ok, I’m sticking with the horse theme ~ on the eve of Chinese New Year ~ The Year of the Wood Horse ~ so bear with me please.  Because today I’m going to share the video that just makes me smile. I’m not into SuperBowl Sunday except for the snacks, the commercials and the family camaraderie as we gather in the family room to watch the big game.  Dare I say, I don’t care who wins?  Surely my family does, but not me.  I’m just there for the enthusiasm for the event!  There’s something about being home, cozy and warm, eating snacks for dinner, all of us together relaxing and enjoying the game and eachother’s company!   Thanks HAngel for sending it to me ~ puppies and horses ~ what’s not to love?!  What’s better besides our families?

I wish you LOVE in the coming year!

Shine On!


And in case you want to see 2013’s…

And lest we never forget 9/11

17 thoughts on “Super Bowl Love in the Year of the Horse

  1. One of my all time favorites…..makes me want to get another puppy….rut roe!!! Love the other commercials as well. Leave it to budweiser to bring tears to our!

  2. Lovely post. I saw the Clydesdales in action the week before the Rose Parade when all the equestrian acts performed at the Equestrian Center in the San Fernando Valley. The announcer told us about the varying sizes of the team….the smaller horses lead,followed by slighter larger ones, with the largest closest to the wagon. They went around and around the show ring, and then the driver executed tight turns, showing the prowess it takes to guide these beautiful, powerful creatures.It was a thrill.

  3. I somehow missed the 2013 commercial and watched it yesterday. Cried like a baby. I believe it ties with the 9/11 commercial for my favorite. The Budweiser Cyldesdale commercials win hands down every time!

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