Winter Wishes

10717720_Winter. One kind word can warm three winter months. ~ Japanese Proverb

It’s feeling a bit wintry here so this one felt like a goodie for the start of the week!  It’s important to speak, read, write, and think kind words during this wintry hibernation ~ to ourselves and to others.  What would be your kind word for today?  Please share below!

I think mine would be love.

Shine On!


27 thoughts on “Winter Wishes

  1. Okay…even though I visited Spring with you before coming back to winter…I should have known your winter is as warm as your hugs. My word, since love is taken, is family. It warms me to the core because it’s center is your word of warmth…love. Thanks Yvonne, for always shining…xoxo

  2. My kind words would be you are special and I love you just for being who you are; faults, failings, and other human conditions. I try to remember to tell this to my husband, family and friends whenever the moment seems right. 🙂

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