I Want To Be A Cowgirl


“I want to be a cowboy, but only long enough to barge into a saloon and bellow ‘Where’s the yellow belly that stole my happy trail?’” — Jared Kintz

Today I am reblogging what my dear friend Mimi over at Waiting for the Karma Truck wrote this morning as her words resonated with me so much.  The simple truth is what struck me, as well as the divine goal of riding off into the sunset happily on my horse (because I have always wanted to properly learn how to ride!) is the truth of her words.  The above pic (which isn’t Mimi nor me) gave me the giggles so I figured I’d include it.  What’s not to giggle about when it’s Tuesday and a snowstorm’s a’coming ~ the sky is full of golds and pinks this morning ~ may your happy trail be long and lovely!

Now here’s Mimi!  Drumroll please…

I Want To Be A Cowgirl

Shine On!


19 thoughts on “I Want To Be A Cowgirl

  1. Whatever gold and pink is in the sky is a reflection of you…truly. We’re expecting snow here and the sky is pastel grey, dampening any sounds, shushing the birds into their nests. You should have glorious sunsets forever – and should we ever meet, I’ll teach you how to sit a horse. ❤

    • Mimi, I happily await the day we can meet my friend as I feel a kindred spirit connection with you! May your sunrises and sunsets be gold and pink ~ the skies are clouding up now as we are expecting that lovely snow as well. I adore watching the snow fall so I’m excited just like a little kid! ♥ P.S. Can we please go horseback riding? I truly want to learn!

  2. The sky was beautiful here, too, when I wrangled the garbage cans out in the bitter cold. It looks like a pretty day out if only it was warmer without snow. Hey—I don’t ask for much! Headed over to Mimi’s now!

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