How to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet!

tapestry**Tapestry information at end of post.

Open Your Journey  inspires me.  I had already decided on the LOVE theme for my 2014.  But now I think my theme is growing richer after I read the insightful way my friend, the Bobbilama as I like to refer to the author of Open Your Journey, thinks!  Read on…perhaps her take on New Year’s Resolutions resonates with you as well!

“This year I decided not to make resolutions which I will end up breaking within a week or two anyway. Plus, I don’t enjoy feeling like a failure every January. So, I was telling my friend that I’ve decided to simply have a “theme” instead of a resolution for this year’s growth. She laughed when I told her that, but I really mean it. I told her that my theme this year is “Tapestry” and I explained that it’s only one word (so I can remember it), but it stands for a complex concept for this next phase of my journey. And what I love about it most is that a theme is gentle and there is no amount to accomplish so I cannot fail! How cool is that?

So here is what I described. I told her that this year I am not making a list. I really don’t just want to have more stuff, or weigh less, get more fit, volunteer more, or eat better. Instead, I want all areas of my life to gradually mature like a richly interwoven tapestry. Then I gave her these examples of some of the qualities I wish to nurture.

~ I want my mind to be more present when I listen to others, and not be thinking of what I will say next, or how it will impact me.

~ I want to practice speaking only when I have something worth saying for the person I’m connecting with at that time.

~ I want to have relationships that have more dimension due to greater understanding and support – and without the need for approval.

~ I want to trust my inner spirit over my ego’s need to control my world.

~ I want to work towards self-actualizing into a woman who knows the power of her wisdom and respects it herself.

~ And lastly, I want to really, really feel love for all beings regardless of what I perceive as their limits.

So that’s my simple plan for 2014…to be more mindful of my own tapestry.

What would you like to choose for the theme of your mindfulness for this next year?

Whatever it is, I wish you a loving and self-actualizing new year!” from Open Your Journey click here to visit her blog!

Shine On!


**If you are interested in buying the tapestry featured above, I found it here.  I know nothing about it except that I liked the colors.


14 thoughts on “How to Make 2014 Your Best Year Yet!

  1. What a beautiful tapestry — and process — to create a theme. My theme is my One Word for the year — At Onement (yest that’s two but it’s really one to me. 🙂 )

    to be One with all creation. All beings. All aspects of my being present. In the moment. right now.

    Blessings on your journey Yvonne.

    I shall go visit your friend — she sounds fascinating!

    • Happy 2014 to you Louise ~ I love the at onement theme for you as well! How exciting and inspiring! I look forward with happy anticipation of connecting with you as always on your journey! You always bring me insight and smiles! Yes, Bobbilama is a great source as well! You will enjoy her! xo

  2. Love the tapestry theme and think that you will definitely do really well with it during 2014! It can cover a lot, can’t it? I think my” three words and a song” embrace a lot of areas that I need to focus and grow during the year and I followed a fellow bloggers suggestion to include them on repeat on my Google calendar so that I can be reminded of them daily. I think we all have great years ahead of us.

  3. Terrific! That is a great theme! Unity, peace, love, onement (like Louise said)…all good stuff. Have a prosperous and wonderful 2014! Blessings.

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