Where For Art Thou Angel?

1835010I bought the above angel for my Sissy for Christmas.  I gingerly wrapped her up and added a soft lit battery candle on the plate by her hands.  I was so excited to give this angel to her for Christmas.  Then I also bought a pocketbook for my Mom which I wrapped up separately, ready to give them these gifts on Christmas Day when we were visiting my family.

With the hustle and bustle of Christmas, we packed up the gifts for my family and took off.  When we got to her house and began to open the gifts, I realized that the angel was missing.  I figured that I had left the package at home in my rush to get to my sister’s house on time.  However, when we got home, there was no package.  No angel and no purse.  What could have happened to them?

I searched our home with the help of my family last night, only to come up empty-handed.  It’s as if they vanished.  I even checked with other family members to see if I had accidentally left those packages at their homes, but no one has seen them.  I am stumped.  I cannot even begin to imagine where they are!

In the middle of the night the thought came to me that my Dad had somehow hidden them ~ angel for his passing and purse because it was for my Mom from her favorite store that he used to buy Christmas gifts from ~ and I smiled to myself thinking that I would find the gifts this morning.  But alas, there aren’t anywhere.  I even checked the garbage.  The only thing I can think of is that they were accidentally put in the car on Christmas Eve and while we were in the house getting more presents to put in the trunk, someone took those 2 packages out of the car while we weren’t looking.  Can it be that someone would take 2 packages out of the trunk of a car while people are loading up the car from the driveway?  Really?  On Christmas Eve?

So, I’m turning to my trusty blogger friends…what do you think happened to them?

Has this ever happened to you ~ and if it did, what was the result?

Shine On!


P.S.  December 26th, the mystery was solved!  Both packages were found at Sissy’s house, tucked behind the tree!  Silly children hid them!  Thanks to all for your concern, your help and your advice! xoxo

19 thoughts on “Where For Art Thou Angel?

  1. Well yes that has happened to me. In my rush I must have grabbed the package I had for my nephew for his birthday. Later when my mom was cleaning she found it on top of the refrigerator. Seems I must or someone must have grabbed it when we were uploading and put it on the of the refrigerator so it would not be in the way and didn’t realize it. No one knew who did it but it was really funny that it was my mom that found it because she is usually the one that misplaces things but they always show up later. So I’m believing that is what happened to your Angel. I know it will show up in the rush of the holidays we do things without thinking. I do this a lot in my everyday stuff. Shoot I can lose something on my desk and not have gotten up! Hugs to you sweet friend. I hope you had a good Christmas and I know your Angel will show up. Let us know when it does. love you huge hugs to you!

  2. Sorry about the gifts.
    At Thanksgiving my aunt took my uncle’s keys to get something out of the car ..and didn’t make it back with the keys. We all searched all evening. My mom thought she may have picked them up.. it was quite a story..finally showed up in the water bottles big plastic wrapping in the closet..as they eere on their way back to Oregon.
    Hope your story has a happy ending. ♡

  3. I often misplace things, especially when I’m in a hurry, putting things down to do something else and finding them later in the strangest places. Once I put money away on vacation and found it several years later in a collapsible bag that was packed away in a box. I’ve also found things in the garbage because I pick up something to throw away and in my rush I toss the wrong item out. When I lose something, I try to backtrack everything I did and most times I’ll find what I’m looking for. Hopefully you have just misplaced it and it wasn’t stolen which certainly is a possibility – there are a lot of needy people out there who are looking for stuff to grab. Good luck with your Angel!

    • Thank you for your help and for your comment! I am glad you found your money etc! We did indeed finally find the angel and purse a day later. There’s no rhyme or reason to it as they were found behind and under the tree ~ but they were happily opened! ♥

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