Christmas is…

48462711_CHRISTMAS- (kris`-muhs) noun:


1) Trees are decorated with a lifetime of memories.

2) Lights twinkle & people are merry.

3) The smell of hot chocolate and peppermint linger in the air.

4) Shoppers rush home with their treasures.

5) Ribbons & paper clutter the table.

6) People are trying not to be naughty, but nice.

7) Little ones are counting the days ‘til Santa will arrive.

8) Everything glitters.

9) Everyone samples the yummy goodies coming from the kitchen.

10) Family & friends gather together.

11) The whole world stops to consider a baby in a manger.

Shine On!


Daily Prompt: Memories of Holidays Past

What is your very favorite holiday? Recount the specific memory or memories that have made that holiday special to you.

8 thoughts on “Christmas is…

  1. I loved the smell of rubber… as in rubber tires. I could tell I got a new bike even before I saw it because of that new tire smell! I still will wander into a tire store now and then if i need a strong shot of those memories 🙂

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