What you can’t recover…


Four things you can’t recover: 

The STONE after the throw. 

The WORD after it’s said. 

The OCCASION after it’s missed. 

The TIME after it’s gone.

Sometimes I need a good dose of reality.  I don’t mean to sound preachy, but this sign caught my eye today on Pinterest ~ by the way, click here to buy it!  and I felt like it was a good reminder for me and to share here.

I”m not much of a stone thrower, I’m rather weak ~ but I have been known to throw a few ~ most notably the snowball which was ice encrusted (and I honestly didn’t know) that I threw at my Sissy as a kid.  Shocking to both of us since my aim is really off, I hit her square in the eye and gave her a black eye when we were little!  Boy did I get in trouble on that one!  We were just playing snowball fight and I guess I packed a wallop of a snowball!  I would love to tell you that I learned my lesson and I don’t throw them anymore, but that’s untrue.  Now I just aim for your feet so that I hit you in the torso ~ and I make sure that it’s not a hard ice-ball snowball!

Words ~ ay yay yay!  This one’s a toughie because I wish I could eat a few of the words that have escaped my lips over the years.  Unfortunately, I have saddened myself and others and this is one that I monitor now that I’ve learned.  On the flip side, there are phrases which replay over and over in my head rent free that I wish I’d never heard.  Since I can only control myself, I am working on my words and trying to evict those harsh words running rampant in my brain and heart.

Occasions ~ this one makes me sad as there are a few moments in my memory that I wish I’d gone out of my comfort zone to do something, to say something, to do more than to recognize the occasion as ‘one I could say/do such and such’ and instead, I allowed the moment to pass.  Regretfully, I admit there are times that I should have taken the opportunity/occasion to say yes to opportunity instead of staying safe, playing it cool and regretfully even  turning away.

Time ~ When one loses a loved one, time is what we crave, regrets are what we wallow in and we hold tight to the time we spent with them.  But instead of lamenting after the passing of our loved ones, here’s the once in a lifetime chance to use our time now wisely!  We have all the time in the world ~ why not use it while we are here on Earth and while we are among the living!

Bottom line ~ live in the now ~ enjoy the Presents of Presence ~ put down stones (and icy snowballs), watch our words, never allow the occasion to pass us by and wring all of the love and presence out of every single blessed moment of our time here!!  Perhaps keeping this little saying in the back of your mind will help you to enjoy the holidays more and to make more memories to cherish!

In the words of Eckhart Tolle, “The only thing you ever have is now.”

Do you have stones, words, occasions and time that you wish you could change? 

Please don’t tell me I’m the only one after I’ve laid my heart out for you!

Shine On!


25 thoughts on “What you can’t recover…

  1. You are so not the only one, believe me! Thanks for the reminder to be more present since my effort to get things done has always had priority over the connecting moments. And your holiday timing is perfect with all of the people to value over those unimportant things to do! Thank you!!

  2. OH girl! I used to craft certain words just to zing! I’m not proud of it at all. I guess growing up like I did you have to learn to debate and of course have the best argument. Until I discovered I had burned so many bridges and I needed to rebuild a few. Now you know what I am so kind. I always choose kindness now. I’m not saying that I don’t want to whip out some of my zingers every now and then but OH, if I ever say anything that is the slightest bit tinged with meanness the guilt nearly eats me alive, because I learned that the truth delivered in a calm voice sometimes levels a room. I’m still in the middle of my kindness choice, I’m at the top of the mountain at the moment but whoa was it hard getting out of the pit my words dug for me. But the upside is I made some lovely mud-pies while being a pit dweller! 🙂 Hugs and I love this. I need to get back to this type of writing. I hide behind my art and photos these days! This is awesome! You are rockin’ it sister girl friend!

  3. I have chosen to move down the path leading toward happiness. Being cognizant of the damage we can cause others and ourselves with “words,” missed occasions,” and “lost time” gets me closer to living a happy life. Thank u for sharing.

  4. you are not the only – it has been a lesson learned the hard way for me – God in His mercies has set me on the right path.

  5. Ahh! All four words! Invaluable! Stone (Sticks and stones? Or, he who cast the first…) Words (bite my lip!). Occasion (I have a calendar for that!). Time (I keep telling myself this!) thanks for reminding!

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