Angels Everywhere!


I like Angels.  I bought a few Angel Ornaments this year to give to people who throughout the year are like little angels to me and to my family.  I delivered one today to the receptionist at the doctor’s office whom I see often.  The Angel is not that big, but she has a little red-ribboned bow on the top so that you can hang her from your tree or from wherever you choose.

When I handed LAngel her little present, I simply told her that I thought she was so special in my life and when I saw this angel, I thought of her.  Well, she began to cry.  Big tears welled up in her eyes and as I walked around the desk to hug her, she told me that she didn’t know why she was crying.  It just came up all of a sudden to her ~ a rush of happiness and love.

And as I let go of her, I looked into her eyes and I told her thank you for all she had done for me.

I got a little verklempt  (anyone know how to properly spell that word?) and a little soggy myself.  For who would think that such a little angel could bring such sudden mighty tears for no reason?  I guess God/Universe/Spirit works in mysterious ways.

It touched me though, her reaction and mine as well.  To my core, I felt a warming sensation and what I would interpret as a spiritual pat on the back and whisper of ‘atta girl’ in my ear.  It was an impulse buy that little angel ornament.  One that I am so happy that I did!

Have you ever had a reaction like this?  It’s made my whole day to think that she was so touched.  Ahh, it doesn’t take much for us to touch a heart now, does it?

Thanks to you all for touching my heart every single day!

Shine On!


27 thoughts on “Angels Everywhere!

  1. That you notice these angels is a tribute to you as much as them..I think I see them but I must admit that I probably miss more than I should…(and I think it’s ‘ferklempt’)…hugs, me

  2. Angels are everywhere . I find as a lot they are not aware of the gifts they provide. I am always greatful when I have the opportunity to pass out another yellow cape & help them see for just a second how special thier gift is.

  3. I love those types of moments. Making others happy is priceless.
    And – in turn makes me happy too!
    BTW – I swear I felt my brother today when I went to visit him at the cemetery. 😉

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