Cherish the Ordinary Day


I awoke this morning to an email from a dear friend who included a video excerpt from the author above.  It was from her book The Gift of An Ordinary Day.  Because it was 7 minutes long, I hesitated to watch because I’m busy and a hundred excuses later, I simply sat down, rested my computer on my lap, took a deep breath, sipped my coffee and watched…as tears rolled down my face.  Seven minutes of treasuring an ordinary day in the life of being a Mom.  Even as I write this, I have that welling up inside of gratitude for her exquisite expression of all that I feel these days.

So, me being me, I went on to explore her website and the other wonderful parts of the author Katrina Kenison and I was launched into more than 20 minutes of gratitude, presence and gratefulness for my life.  One by one, the presents kept coming in guise of companionship.  It was a soothing balm for my soul this morning.  One that had I chosen to not watch 7 minutes, would not have entered my life.  If I hadn’t stopped to share, watch, be present, I would have missed such beauty, such eloquence and a connection which I think would benefit you as well.

Below is her quick video of one of her books, Magical Journey which I highly recommend.  On her website click here  you can sign up for her blog, buy her books and watch more videos.  I think you may find that she speaks to your heart like she did to mine.

Below is the 7 minute video which started the whole morning off on the right foot.  I love when Spirit/Universe/God fills my soul with goodness.  My heartfelt thanks to you LAngel for passing along such beauty into my life today.  I am truly grateful.

Shine On!


27 thoughts on “Cherish the Ordinary Day

  1. What a fabulous video. Tears streaming down my face, of course. Thank you for sharing. My “babies” are 25 and 28 and I certainly can identify with all of this and having two boys made it even more real. Thank you for sharing this—-I am going to read her book as soon as I can !!! You started my day out perfectly so THANK YOU!

    • Mine aren’t as old as yours, but it definitely had me in a puddle this morning as well, but a good one. You know, the one where you realize you need to take it slowly during the hubbub of the holidays so we don’t miss out on a single precious moment. ♥

  2. Thanks so much for sharing this writer. I had never heard of her. I don’t have children, but these truths apply whether one does or not.

    Thanks for visiting my blog this morning. It was wonderful to hear from you.

    Hugs from Ecuador,

  3. I believe there is a reason the word “perfect” can be found in the phrase “perfectly ordinary”. Thank you for this post, Misifusa. It brought back many wonderful memories.

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