The Power of Purr


This is my baby Tiffy in our favorite position, on the couch, wrapped in blankies, face up like a baby, snuggled next to my heart, her purr reverberating into my soul.  She just knows and verbally meows at me until I take her in my arms and sit down.  We snuggle, I regain my bearings and enjoy the presents of being present for a bit.  It’s amazing what a little bit of fur therapy (our family word for holding the cat and petting her soft fur) can do ~ it can calm you, center you, wipe away tears and help you to feel the love.  There is power in purring, I truly believe this as our other cat Chessie who passed away in March most definitely helped me through breast cancer by staying by my side at all times and purring by my side so that her powerful purr reverberated into my body and soul.  I know I sound like a crazy cat lady, but I do believe in the power of purr.  Sometimes it’s the smallest things that Make a Difference in our lives. ♥

So, today, here’s a bit of virtual fur therapy for you!  May you know you are loved.

Shine On!


This post is also doubling as Michelle’s Pet Challenge…join us by clicking here!


20 thoughts on “The Power of Purr

    • She acts like a little minx, always getting into something and keeping me on my toes! She likes to eat ribbons and shoelaces so no more Christmas ribbons on presents. And yes, she has plenty to eat! ♥♥ Love the kitty cat figures on your comment!

    • She most definitely is a diva and a sweetheart! She is my shadow, much like a puppy, usually somewhere near me. If I should leave the room while she’s napping and she awakens to me not being there with her, she will call to me as she searches the house until she finds me. Many times I call back to her when she’s calling Mama! Meowma! Where are you???? LOL ♥

  1. I do believe in the power of purr. I have heard that cat purr vibrations are healing – I find my cat’s purr to very comforting. I love how your Tiffy sits on your lap all warm and snuggly. Thanks for sharing with us…and I love cat people 🙂

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