International Label Day

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“International Label Day is a holiday that was founded right here in WordPress, based on a Daily Post prompt, in 2012. It is a holiday that celebrates the words that we choose to let shape us, the subcultures we are proud to be part of, and the surprising meaning of the labels we all choose for ourselves.  Some of us are immediately drawn to a single word, others find a mantra, and still others have a combination of words that co-exist with each other.

This holiday is a glimpse into the labels that you might not see at a glance, or even a second or third look.  Yet, they are the important labels — the ones that shape the how and why of us.  It takes a certain amount of strength to label yourself ~ why not try it for yourself?”

Click here to visit Rara who inspired us all! ~ Thanks Rara!

Please share below or jump right on in and join us!

Shine On!


Bethannchiles did it too!  Cick here to see her post!

lovetagxedoUpdate:  I found a new app besides wordle which was the way I made the first label pic above ~ this one is found here at tagxedo which is really cool!  I have to tell you that I found it via another blogger called TwinDaddy ~ make sure you stop by to see him as well ~ click here!  Thanks TwinDaddy!

12 thoughts on “International Label Day

  1. How did I not know of International Label day!? Thank you for introducing this to me in such a lovely way!! Your labels are beautiful and perfect. I will be reflecting upon this today and beyond.

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