How Do You Travel?

Travel. Why endeavor to straighten the road of life?

The faster we travel, the less there is to see. – Helen Hayes

The next time you step out of your home to go somewhere, take a moment to notice how you walk, how you drive and how you travel.  I find this concept very interesting. Do you meander or do you walk with a purpose-driven gait?  Are you a straight shot, get there quickly, accomplish the goal and then leave type?  Or are you more laid back with the gentleness of stopping to smell the occasional and proverbial rose, to acknowledge the others around you and to enjoy the moment, the trip, and the sense of satisfaction when the job is finished?

Or are you like me ~ where I’m a mixture of the two.  There are times where I am a hurry up, walk fast and get to my destination with as few steps, few detours and as straight as the crow flies (do you know that expression?) type of traveler.  On these types of trips,  I am usually purpose-driven, with a definitive goal in mind and I accomplish whatever it is mindlessly.  I do not stop and smell the roses.  I do what needs to be done and that’s that and I move onto the next goal on my list.

And then there are other times where I know in my heart that all will be accomplished in its right time and by the deadline, but I allow myself to be with the moment, to not be stressed out when the traffic jam holds me up and when things don’t go as planned, I allow the Universe/God/Spirit to take over and just go with the flow.

I find that the more I rely on enjoying the moment, the trip becomes richer,

the job still gets done on time and I am in a better state of mind.

What about you?

Shine On!


28 thoughts on “How Do You Travel?

  1. I am definitely a mixture of both. More and more lately, though, I find that when I am in the “faster, straight, purpose” mode of travel then I am more apt to get upset but things that interfere, and I honestly dislike that feeling. So I’ve taken those moments to remind myself that more often than not slow and meandering paths reap the greater rewards.

  2. I seldom stroll, and am often moving at a targeted and timed mission. Even my “just-out-walking” pace is brisk and lively. Maybe a I need to slow down? Thanks for the reminder.

  3. It depends on the day & what else is going on. I prefer the taking my time to smell the roses path. But – that’s not always doable.
    Feliz Friday Yvonne 🙂

  4. Retired, 71-years-old, meandering, wandering, and stopping when I venture from home is my new lifestyle. Far better than fast-paced and rushed days in my younger years. Finally, it’s my time to stop and smell the roses. Regret, didn’t see the value back then; but, I am grateful the doors have opened. You r so inspiring. In joy following ur posts.

  5. I was a destination person until a couple of people came into my life. Out of necessity, I had to slow down when I was with them. As my pace slowed, they taught me how to enjoy the journey.

  6. I was just reading something today about how we do mundane tasks like go to the grocery store say a lot about who we are…seems it is not as simple as that…because we are complex and one day we may look (and feel) one way and another day we may look (and feel) another…Here’s definitely to enJOYing the moment. I find that when I slow down, the moments are richer…and hope that the balance of my life leans toward that laid back gentleness kind of being…

  7. I love to walk but since my surgery I am a bit slow… So plenty of time to smell the roses!!…. And I get there in the end!

  8. Wander, step back, turn left, turn right, do the hokie pokie and let the path be one of wonder. Too often we move from A-Z and forget about the other letters in the alphabet. Let’s take a moment and enjoy J (joy), I (imagination), D (design) and so on and so on and so on. The smallest journey to a new place can be a source of education and illumination is we take the time to explore. I’m not lost, I’m just looking for a different path.

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