We Bloom, We Wilt.

14726_Human lives bloom and wilt just as flowers. 

We must not be sad that the flower eventually wilts,

But that we had the opportunity to watch it bloom. And could enjoy the beauty that it radiated.

There is always sadness at a funeral.  There are tears.  There is that sense of loss.  There is suffering.  There can be guilt, there can be anger, there can be resentment.  But the one thing I know for sure that there is always at a funeral ~ it’s LOVE.  I just came back from the funeral and repast for CAngel.  I am so happy that I was there for him and for his family because his repast was one that I would like for my own.  For you see, it was a celebration of the person whom we watched grow up, the shared memories of a family who made an even bigger family through their work.  And we were all a part of that family.

I came home from the trip to find the above card in my mailbox from my friend SAngel ~ I just had to share it with you as it was such a beautiful reminder.  Even if it is hard, to celebrate the life of a loved one who has passed is to keep their memories alive.  To share the funny stories, the camaraderie that forms sometimes even between strangers, brings the one who has passed alive for a little while.  And that’s what happened…we laughed.  We cried.  We shared, we remembered and we bonded.  We connected, we made a memory for us all to carry his memory on in a positive way.  We attempted to heal those closest to him ~ to make special memories that will remind them of how much he was loved by so many when they feel sad and alone.  At least that’s what we tried ~ and I pray we succeeded.

To be grateful for having enjoyed the beauty that radiated from a life is priceless.

Shine On!


P.S.  Need to send a card like this, click here!

10 thoughts on “We Bloom, We Wilt.

  1. What a wonderful thing you did, and what a difference in the feeling of comfort for the family. They were lucky to have your beautiful love-energy there.

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