Where in Nature Do You Find Your Peace?


 I am soothed here.

I’m a Jersey Girl, although not the Snooki kind, but the real-life gal who grew up going to the beach everyday she could, who finds the sound of the ocean soothing and who goes in search of the sand between her toes, the sun in the sky glistening on the water and the waves crashing gently to shore in order to soothe her soul.  That’s me.  A drive to the beach will suffice when the weather’s too cold to dip my toes into the ocean, but I must smell the briny scent of the ocean’s perfume in order to completely find my peace within.

Do you have a special peaceful place in nature that you call your own? 

Are you a beach person like me?  Or do the mountains beckon to your soul?

Do the lakes have your heart?  Or does the chilly snow hold you? 

Does crunching in fallen, gem-colored leaves soften your sadness? 

Or does the howling wind blow away your troubles? 

Do raindrops wash away your tears?  Does the acrid desert drain your worries? 

Does the sunshine call your name?

Or do moonbeams beckon your feet to dance?

Do twinkling stars ignite your passion?

Or do clouds feather your dreams?

Please share with me ~ I’d love to hear where you find you peace!

Shine On!


Where is your

40 thoughts on “Where in Nature Do You Find Your Peace?

  1. Sitting on the rocks at clovelly beach looking out to sea… In fact anywhere that the sea is…I find it vary calming and soothing

  2. I enjoyed your post. My beloved and I love the beach and all the things you mentioned about it. I love the redwoods, walking along a melodic stream, finding quiet glens full of ferns and sorrel, and pausing to sit and reflect while soaking it all in. It refreshes my spirit by removing any clutter that that may have over my heart.

  3. LOL on “I’m a Jersey Girl, although not the Snooki kind,”
    Hmmm…not sure where I’d identify with. I kinda’ like it all – just depends on my mood. Although – as I get older – I’m not so much a fan of the cold & snow. It’s nice to look at – but – that’s about it.

  4. Each place you mentioned holds a special memory, but I believe water in any form gives me my peace. I live overlooking a pond now, and there’s a bird sanctuary on the island in the middle of the pond – my new favorite!

  5. I loved the mountains when I lived out west. I love the woods here in the mid-west. Actually, any place where I can be away from the sounds of civilization and just hear the sounds of nature is a place of peace for me.

  6. Although I love the ocean it is the mountains that call out to my soul, in the autumn when the trees explode with color all around me do I feel the most alive. God has blessed me with His peace many times as I sit on the my deck just “being” in His presence whether it be spring, summer, winter or fall. But when I am at the ocean it is the strength of those waves that remind me of how powerful our God is. God is everywhere – in our hearts and in the nature He created just for us.

  7. For a minute, I couldn’t think of a place, which is not good! I definitely need to take the time to connect with nature more! Then I remembered how much I love the snow – to me it looks so pure, and so peaceful. We don’t get too much “real” snow here in London, but I have had the opportunity to work in Romania a few times in the winter and love the snow so much (although some of my friends from there don’t like it and think I am crazy!). I love a snowy landscape and I love walking through it too. This post definitely reminded me how important it is to take time to connect with nature! Thank you 🙂

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